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1.  What is the space allotment for an Outlook user on BPOS? 
Answer:  25GB Default Mailbox Size

2.  What does BPOS stand for?
Answer:  Business Productivity Online Services

3.  Is BPOS housed on campus?
Answer:  No.  BPOS is housed with Microsoft in a cloud environment.

4. What is the limit on the number of email messages that Outlook established for the Inbox/Folders?
Answer:  BPOS recommended maximum item count (20,000 items per folder). If you have more than 20,000 items in your inbox MS will send you an email asking you to make more folders and move mail.

5. Junk Folder: How long is the retention policy before emails are deleted permanently by the system?
Answer:  30 Days

6.  What is the attachment limit in BPOS?
Answer:  The max attachment size is 30MB in BPOS.  However, if you’re sending to someone outside BPOS it is recommended not to go larger than 15MB if you don’t want it bouncing back undelivered.  (Recipient’s email system may have an attachment limit lower than 30MB; thus resulting in undeliverable mail).

7. How do I change my password?
Answer: Use the Single Sign In Tool to change your password. Click on the Options tab and then click on Change password.



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