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Listserv Owner Instructions:

Listserv ties list owner and management to an e-mail address

To add/change an owner, moderator or editor e-mail address:

In a browser, go to

Click on the List Owner Management link on the top.

The e-mail address that should be used is the old address, this is the address that will be associated at the owner of a list.

If you do not have or know your Listserv password, click on the "get a new LISTSERV password" link. Again, this should be the old e-mail address. An e-mail will be sent to the old e-mail address, click on the link in the e-mail message to activate the password.

To log in, in the E-Mail address field, enter your old e-mail address; in the Password field, enter your Listserv password.

If "cookies" are turned on, a cookie will be saved so you will not need to enter the password in the future. Click on the "follow this link" link near the end of the message.

This will take you directly to the List Management page. If you are the owner of multiple list, there will be a pull down list at the top where you can select the list to manager.

Select a list.

Click the Wizard button; select Categories of Keywords; then select List Maintenance.

Here you will find the Editors, Moderators, Owners and Quiet Owners.

For each of these areas, we recommend that where there is an old e-mail address, that the new e-mail address be placed directly below it. The old address can be removed later.

After updating the e-mail addresses, click Update to save the changes.

If you use the Listserv web interface to manage your list, you should request a new password for your new address.

For additional assistance please sent an e-mail to

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