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Recover SPam Quarantine Email

  • Open the quarantine email message and read the “Microsoft Forefront Online Protection for Exchange” message:
    • The following is a list of messages that have been stopped by the Spam Quarantine email filtering service.
    • To recover a message to your Inbox, click the "Move to Inbox" link. If a message has been incorrectly identified as spam, click the "Not Junk" link. When you click the "Not Junk" link, the message will be recovered to your Inbox, and a copy will be submitted to the FOPE Spam Team for analysis. To read a spam message, click on the Subject and you will be directed to the Spam Quarantine login. After logging in, the message you clicked on will be displayed.
    • To change the language of this notification, go to Language Settings under Options page in Spam Quarantine.
    • Messages are automatically deleted from Spam Quarantine after 15 days.
    • *The 'Not Junk' feature is not available for items filtered due to custom spam filter settings or for those who do not have permission to access Spam Quarantine.
  • You have to log into Forefront to access your Quarantine, but it is not initially tied you’re your BPOS account. 
  • The first time you access Forefront, you have to click on the “Need your password?” link .

  • You then have to enter the email account that the Quarantine message was sent to and click “Send”.

    • Forefront will email you a link that you can set your password with and now you can sign into the Forefront portal and manage your quarantined emails.


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