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Picture of Jana Stavova

Jana Stavova PhD student since 2006. I come from the capital of the Czech Republic, Prague. I have received my master's degree in Food Science and Technology at the Institute of Chemical Technology in Prague in 2006. My main research projects involves method development for biofuel determination and quantification using GC-FID-MS. Other reserach projects I had worked on are invoving fungicides in wood matrix and evalution of trimethysilylation derivatization of acids.

Picture of Allison CoffmanAlli Coffman MS student since 2009.
Picture of Haewoo JeongHaewoo Jeong MS student since 2009.
Picture of Rich CochranRich Cochran PhD student since 2010.
Picture of Manikyala ChintapalliManik Chintapalli PhD student since 2010.
Picture of Ashwini GeetlaAshwini Geetla PhD student since 2010.
Picture of Ganna BaglayevaAnya Baglayeva PhD student since 2006 coadvised with Dr. Kozliak (chair)


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Picture of Carl Sedgeman Carl Sedgeman May 2010 -

Ali Smith September 2009 -


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Nagaraju Dongari Postdoctoral Research Associate

Danese Stahl Research Chemist Focus of Danese Stahl's research is on the biofuel products generate in a collaborative project with Chemical Engineering. The aim is to provide necessary information regarding the identification and quantification of biofuel components. This information is important in adjusting the engineering techniques designed for generation of these fuels. Analytical techniques employed involve gas chromatography separation coupled with flame ionization and mass spectrometry detection (GC/FID and GC/MS). The lab has just acquired a new Agilent 7890A GC with PTV injector and multiple detection (TCD, FID, MSD) capability.

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Josef Beranek PhD May 2009, currently at PNNL, WA.

Tylor Lahren MS Dec 2010, curently EPA Duluth, MN
Inna Popova PhD Dec 2008, curently at Oklahama State University


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