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Instructions on use of GC and MS instrumentation



Several GCs and GC-MS instruments are available in Chemistry Department. Students interested in their use in the Chemistry department, UND are required to accomplish two basic laboratory assignments. The independent work using material enclosed below is expected. To setup the training sessions contact Dr. Kubatova.

1st Lab Assignment

2nd Lab Assignment

The first assignment involves the use of a gas chromatograph with the flame ionization detector (GC-FID). Student will learn basics about the operation of Hewlett Packard (HP 5890) instrument with split/splitless injector. The student will learn about flow rates, splitless injection and optimization of temperature program. Before completing the lab assignment, student will need to prepare (hand written) and bring home to take tests (see link below). The study materials are provided below or by request.

Take-home test prior the GC lab I

Manual for the operation of GC instruments in lab 338

Guideline for the first GC assignment

Study materials: Chromatography in general & Gas Chromatography

Tutorial for calibration curve in Excel 2010

Examples of flow and injection volume calculations

Agilent flow calculator

Agilent method translation software

Agilent GC maintenance videos

Sample introduction into GC (from Chromacademy)

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The second assignment involves an internal calibration on the GC with mass spectrometric detector (GC-MS). This assignment is required for all students who will use GC-MS equipment or perform quantification using GC-MS data. This assigmenet can be performed using samples and standards needed for students' reserach projects.

Guideline for the second GC assignment

How to use linest function to determine LODs


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To arrange for training session and sample analysis using HR TOF, each student need appraoval of the advisor, please contact Dr. Alena Kubatova. Graduate students are required to accomplish two training sessions while running their own samples under the supervision of TOF operators. Guidelines for the sample preparation and operation of the instrument are available for download below. After two sessions, students are expected to proceed with future analysis independently. Instrument will be calibrated by the operators at the beginning of each session. Prior each measurement, students need to provide a sheet with chemical structures and exact molecular weights of compounds contained in the sample (if applicable). Everybody is required to back-up her/his data on the chemistry apple server (a guideline is available in the lab). Click here to obtain a TOF working guideline.


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