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Free PeopleSoft Enterprise 8.9 Pre-Class NavigationTutorials

Student Administration, FSCM, and HCM 8.9 Pre-Class Navigation Tutorials

The following tutorials are offered free of charge by Oracle to introduce general PeopleSoft Enterprise navigation skills. The tutorials will introduce you to general navigation screens and terminology. This information should be viewed prior to getting ConnectND content training. You may first want to go through the Oracle University Knowledge Center Guided Tour to learn how the tutorials work prior to viewing the appropriate tutorial for your department. Oracle requires that you read, accept and confirm the ORACLE LICENSE AND SERVICES AGREEMENT before accessing the free PeopleSoft tutorials.

The three free PeopleSoft tutorials are:
          Enterprise Student Administration 8.9 Pre-Class Navigation Tutorial
          Enterprise FSCM 8.9 Pre-Class Navigation Tutorial
          Enterprise HCM 8.9 Pre-Class Navigation Tutorial.

New User

        1. Go to the URL: https://profile.oracle.com/jsp/reg/legalTerm.jsp?service=oln&src=1180590&act=4
        2. Please read the ORACLE LICENSE AND SERVICES AGREEMENT in the scroll box

               If you agree to accept the Terms of Use in the scroll box, and to confirm that you are in compliance with
              and will remain in compliance with each of the export restrictions listed above, please click on the "Accept"
              button. Otherwise please click "Cancel" to cancel your registration for the Oracle Knowledge Center
              Trial Subscription.

        3. Verify the accept radio button is filled and click the Confirm button to continue
        4. On the next screen please click on: Create your Oracle Account Now
        5. Click Create a New Account

When you have completed all the steps to create your Oracle account you will be logged in. Select the tutorial of your choice. The path is URL: www.oracle.com/education, left column under ORACLE UNIVERSITY, Knowledge Center (same as above), click on Browse Catalog and view Free Trail tutorials. Scroll down to Enterprise (XXXX) 8.9 Pre-Class Tutorial and click on Free Trail.

The tutorial you have selected will display. Click the right arrow under Play and your tutorial will begin. When you need to leave the training it will keep track of where you are in the tutorial. Please Logout. You may have to maximize the screen to see the logout icon at the top right of the screen.

Returning User

If you want to continue your tutorial or start a new one, use the username (your email account) and password you established when you previously Created a New Oracle Account under New User instructions above. Go to the URL: www.oracle.com/education under ORACLE UNIVERSITY, click Knowledge Center. This time type in your Username and Password and click the Sign In button. You may need to Browse Catalog again for the Free Trail tutorials. Please remember to Logout when you are done.

If you have any questions regarding downloading or taking either one of these free PeopleSoft Navigation Tutorials, please contact the NDUS HelpDesk, 866-457-6387.