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Internet Explorer

Overview of Always Clear the Cache, Clear the Cache Immediately and Clear the Cookies: PDF

Internet Explorer is the supported ConnectND browser for logging in, navigating, entering and accessing data, and other tasks in PeopleSoft. There may occur a time when you will receive an Application Exception message, or Application Level Service Failure message, or other similar types of messages (click here to see Sample Message Screen). This will probably result in not being able to continue using PeopleSoft until the condition is resolved. The first thing you should do is Clear the Cache Immediately and Clear the Cookies and close your browser. This may resolve your problem right away and allow you to continue working.

What is Cache and why should you clear it?

Cache is a computer’s memory. The most recent web pages you visit are stored in your browser’s cache memory. The next time you visit that page it is retrieved from cache memory rather then downloaded from the actual web site. The problem occurs if the page you visited has been replaced with a more recent page. You will get the old information or copy of the page stored in cache memory – NOT the most recent page retrieved from the web site. ConnectND’s PeopleSoft web pages are constantly changing. Please clear your cache to assure you are getting the most recent page.

It is suggested you use both methods to clear the cache if you are experiencing problems: Always Clear the Cache When the Browser is Closed and Clear the Cache Immediately. Please view the following two documents (in three different formats) on how do both methods for clearing the cache.

Always Clear the Cache When the Browser is Closed

  Version 6.0: Always Clear the Cache: PDF format

  Version 6.0: Always Clear the Cache: HTML format

  Version 6.0: Always Clear the Cache: WebEx Recording - 3 Minutes

Clear the Cache Immediately

  Version 6.0: Clear the Cache Immediately: PDF format

  Version 6.0: Clear the Cache Immediately: HTML format

  Version 6.0: Clear the Cache Immediately: WebEx Recording - 2 Minutes

  Macintosh: Clear the Cache: PDF format

What is a Cookie and why should you clear it?

A cookie typically records your preferences when using a particular web site. It puts that information in a file (called a cookie) on your computer so it can be referenced the next time you visit that web site. You may not want the preferences from the previous visit to the web site applied to the current visit; therefore, it is recommended to Clear the Cookies.

Clear the Cookies

  Version 6.0: Clear the Cookies: PDF format

  Version 6.0: Clear the Cookies: HTML format

  Version 6.0: Clear the Cookies: WebEx Recording - 2 Minutes

  Macintosh: Clear the Cookies: PDF format

Free PeopleSoft Navigation Tutorials

The following tutorials are offered free of charge by PeopleSoft to introduce general PeopleSoft navigation skills so you can see the screens and learn some navigation terminology prior to getting ConnectND content training. The PeopleSoft Knowledge Center Pre-Class Navigation Tutorials page, on the right side of the window, displays a box stating: “Login and shows two fields: (1) an email address and (2) password”. Ignore this box, you do NOT need to login to take the free tutorials.

The tutorial will need to be downloaded and installed on your local computer. When you arrive at the PeopleSoft Knowledge Center, click on the green Download link in the column next to the approprioate PeopleSoft version (see recommended versions below). A File Download window will popup stating: “Some files can harm your computer. ... Would you like to open the file or save it to your computer? Click the Save button. The Save in window will popup, select your Desktop for the Save in: field. If Desktop is not displayed, click on the dropdown arrow on the right of the Save In: field and select Desktop. Click the Save button on the bottom right of the window to begin the download to your Desktop.

Install the tutorial with a double click on the setup_nval_eng.exe file on your desktop. Follow the install instructions. When the tutorial installion has completed an Information window will popup stating: “NOTE: To launch the course go to Start>Programs>PeopleSoft Knowledge Center Courses> Skills OnDemand” – and the tutorial you downloaded. Follow the tutorial instructions.

Student Administration and Finance recommended tutorial is:

  PeopleSoft 8.4 Pre-Class Navigation Tutorial (English)   Download

Human Resource Management Systems recommended tutorial is:

  PeopleSoft 8.0 Pre-Class Navigation Tutorial (English)   Download

The following is a quick walk through of content - without the screens - of the Finance Navigation tutorial. It is strictly a text format and does not give you the advantage of viewing actual vanilla PeopleSoft screens. The following can be viewed before or after you go through the tutorial. It is not recommended to only get the following document.

Walk through of PeopleSofts Free Tutorial: - How To Navigate in Finance - Including Quizzes - PDF

If you have any questions regarding downloading or taking either one of these free PeopleSoft Navigation Tutorials, please contact the NDUS HelpDesk, 866-457-6387.