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NDUS ConnectND Training and Documentation Plan

This plan is a result of a committee consensus on how the training and documentation for NDUS ConnectND will be delivered. To view the plan without explanation Click Here (PDF format). If you have any questions, additions, corrections, etc., please feel free to call one of the committee members or Renetta Johnson.

Training falls in three major categories:

Available Right Now!! PeopleSoft Free Courses: http://www.und.edu/cnd/HTML/TrainingPeopleSoftTrainingTips.htm.

The Pre-Class Navigation tutorials are under PeopleSoft Education Pre-Class Tutorials. Additional Free Pre-Class Tutorials are also available when you click on the Free Courses in the left panel of their web page. You will need to install the Authorware player available from PeopleSoft. Please encourage any of your staff that will be using Finance or Human Resources to go through the Pre-Class Navigation now so they become familiar with the general PeopleSoft screens and terminology.

..... a. Finance: PeopleSoft 8.4 Pre-Class Navigation Tutorial

..... b. Human Resources: PeopleSoft 8.0 Pre-Class Navigation Tutorial

..... c. Student Administration: Highlights of the enrolled student and faculty portal sections of the Connect ND portal illustrated by Tricia Campbell and Charles Fjeld

2..... Available Starting November!! Microsoft Office (Excel & Word), Internet Explorer Browser and The PC Letter Generator Setup will be available starting November to provide basic microcomputer skills prior to PeopleSoft going into production. This training will be in three formats: HTML, PDF, and a WebEx recording.

3..... Available as Announced!! Content (Finance, Human Resources, and Student Administration) training provided by project leads and/or implementation teams.

ConnectND Training and Documentation Plan:

The first column lists the Audience:

. Individuals such as students, faculty and staff that will access PeopleSoft ConnectND for personal information.

. Distributed Administration Department Staff and Faculty who will use PeopleSoft ConnectND for production purposes such as entering new records, editing existing records, generating reports, etc.

. Expert Users Across Multiple Departments

The second column states What Information Provided:

. Awareness for general ConnectND constituents provided by Communications Lead is the first step to training.

. What is ConnectND ... Overall Connect ND Project Updates

. Hardware Requirements

. Supported Software for ConnectND: MS Office, Internet Explorer

. MS Office for ConnectND purposes: Excel & Word

. Internet Explorer Browser

. Content Training and Documents

..... a. Student Administration

..... b. Finance

..... c. Human Resources

. Macro/Letter Generation Documentation

. FERPA/HIPPA/GLB/HRMS (Employee Privacy), etc.

The third column indicates the Medium by which the information will be delivered

. Online-Connect ND web page: http://www.nodak.edu/connectnd/

. Online/Hands-on with WebEx: WebEx interactive meetings and WebEx recordings posted on the web and streamed

. Formats available will be: HTML, PDF and WebEx

. ConnectND IVN Sessions

. http://www.psknowledgecenter.com/af/peoplesoft/my/preclass.html

. http://www.psknowledgecenter.com/af/peoplesoft/my/free.html

. ConnectND Project Teams

The fourth column indicates Who Develops & Delivers the information

. Jean Ostrom-Blonigen: NDUS Implementation Team Chair

. Bob Jansen: NDUS Common Information Services Communications Coordinator

. Scott Mahar: Student Administration Project Manager

. Scott's Group Trainers: Charles Fjeld, Tricia Campbell, Paula Kurtz

. Mick Pytlick: Finance Project Manager

. Teri Thorson: Human Resources Project Manager

. John Underwood: Help Desk Support Lead

. Chad Gilbertson: Automate Macro/Letter Generation

. Renetta Johnson/CJ Johnson: Microcomputer Training Coordinators

. James Ross: Portal Project Manager

Click here to view the: NDUS ConnectND Training and Documentation Plan

Renetta Johnson: NDUS ConnectND Training and Documentation Coordinator