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Beowulf ClusterThe University of North Dakota (UND) Computational Research Center (CRC) is dedicated to helping researchers affiliated with the University of North Dakota solve increasingly challenging problems in science and society. By supporting high performance computing hardware, software, and staff through the Division of Research, the University provides quality computing resources to its researchers and faculty involved in creative activities which require intricate numerical modeling and data-intensive simulations. The primary goals of the UND Computational Research Center are:

  1. to provide high performance computing resources to the university-wide research community;
  2. to make the existing faculty and their collaborators more competitive for federal, state, and private sector funding opportunities;
  3. to promote interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research activities across campus and throughout the region;
  4. to assist in the recruiting of faculty, postdoctoral research associates, and graduate students with high performance computing needs;
  5. to maintain state-of-the-art facilities in an extremely dynamic research environment;
  6. to prepare innovations for technology transfer; and
  7. to promote future growth in research, scholarship, and creative activity across all disciplines.
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