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Welcome to the University of North Dakota Electronic Fact Book! It is developed by the Office of Institutional Research as a central source for frequently requested public current and historical information about the University of North Dakota. Files will be updated as figures become official. Since the Fact Book makes extensive use of graphics, it is recommended that you browse the Fact Book using the latest version of Microsoft Internet Explorer.


Degrees Offered at UND

  Fields of Study
  Majors by College
  Credit Hours by College and Course Level
  Credit Hour Production by College
  Summary of Graduates by Degree Level
  Degrees Awarded
  Graduates by Degree and Gender
  Graduates by CIP(IPEDS)
  ACT Scores of First-Time Full-Time Freshmen
Summary of University Instructional Faculty          
  Instructional Faculty Aging Charts          
UND Fall Semester Enrollment by Year
  UND Headcount by Semester (Fall, Spring, & Summer)
  NDUS Total Student Enrollment by Instutution
  Fall Semester Full-Time & FTE
  Enrollment by Student Type and Classification
  Classification of Undergraduate Students
  Enrollment by Total of New Students
  Enrollment by Racial/Ethnic Origin and Gender
  Student Enrollment by College
  Enrollment by Student Age, Level and Gender
  Total Number of Full-Time and Part-Time Freshmen
  Enrollment by North Dakota County
  Enrollment by State of Residence
  Undergraduate Term Grade Point Averages          
  Continuation and Graduation Rates
NDUS Enrolled New Freshmen by Institution
  NDUS Total Headcount & New Freshmen
  Yield Rates of New Freshmen for Fall Semester
  Geographical Distribution of Beginning Freshmen
  New Freshmen by North Dakota County
  New Freshman by State of Residence
Transfers from North Dakota Institutions
  Transfers from 4-year NDUS Institutions
  Transfers from 2-year NDUS Institutions
  Yield Rates of New Transfers
  Classification of Transfer Students
  New Transfers by North Dakota County          
Full-Time UG Student College Costs(1)