2005 National Survey of Student Engagement

Executive Summary:

Jean Chen
Carmen Williams
Office of Institutional Research
September 29, 2005

University of North Dakota was one of 529 institutions participating in the spring 2005 administration of the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE). This is the third year UND has participated in the NSSE study which was administered in 2000 and 2003 previously. Student engagement is comprised of two components: students' effort and time dedicated to educationally meaningful activities and the extent institutions emphasize effective educational practices. NSSE assessed the level in which UND first-year and senior students engaged in educationally effective activities. The study is intended to give UND feedback from students concerning their learning environments, how well they are learning, and what they are getting out of their undergraduate experiences. This report compares UND 2005 results to UND 2003 results as well as the results at other Doctoral-Intensive institutions that participated in NSSE during 2005. It may be used to assist in UND’s assessment and institutional improvement efforts.

This report will focus on items where the difference between UND students overtime as well as UND students and students at Doctoral-intensive institutions. The second part of the report will include all items that comprise the five NSSE benchmarks that will be published in November 2005.

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