2009 National Survey of Student Engagement
Graphic Infomation by College

The graphs in the below documents represent several findings from the 2009 National Survey of Student Engagement. For most of the results, the findings are presented by the responses for each college freshman and senior, for the overall UND freshman and senior, and then by the national (doctoral-intensive institutions) freshman and senior response. Please keep in mind that since this is drilling down to the college level, the number of respondents is smaller.

Following are some of the questions that are included in each college report:
•  About how many hours do you spend in a typical 7-day week preparing for class?
•  About how many hours do you spend in a typical 7-day week working for pay off campus?
•  To what extent has your experience at UND contributed to your knowledge, skills, and personal development (i.e. on several general education type questions)?
•  How would you evaluate the quality of academic advising you have received at UND?
•  How would you evaluate your entire educational experience at UND?
•  If you could start over again, would you go to UND?

Besides the questions summarized, the percent of students participating in high-impact educational practices as well as the mean score for the five NSSE benchmarks are also reported.

•  A & S College Summary
•  BPA College Summary
•  EHD College Summary
JDO College Summary
•  NUR College Summary
•  SEM College Summary
•  SMHS College Summary
•  Undecided College Summary