2008 Student Information Questionnaire

Executive Summary:

Office of Institutional Research
Carmen Williams
October 6, 2008

This report describes the results of the summer 2008 administration of the Student Information Questionnaire (SIQ). The SIQ is designed to collect demographic and enrollment management-related data that is not otherwise collected from the new incoming UND freshmen. The results of the survey help provide a descriptive profile of the freshman class and its use supports both assessment and enrollment management activities of the University of North Dakota.

•  The number of new freshmen enrolled at the University of North Dakota in the Fall Semester of 2008 totaled 1,942. While participating in “Getting Started” during the summer of 2008, 80% (1,591) of these students completed a 22-question survey.

•  The majority (61%) of the students reported coming from a small city of approximately 40,000 or less people. 31% reported that their high school class was less than 100 students.

•  The largest percentage of students (70%) first consider UND in their junior or senior year, however 18% of students first consider UND in their freshman year or before. Students are most likely to finalize their decision to enroll at UND early in their senior year (48%), but some make the decision prior to this (19%) and many make the decision later in their senior year (29%) or even after high school graduation (4%).

•  Approximately half (52%) of the students reported that no other schools made scholarship offers to them. Of those who received a scholarship , 27% of the recipients said that the scholarship was important (or very important ) in deciding to enroll at UND.

•  90% of the respondents plan on graduating from UND. 72% of the students plan to graduate from UND in four years.

•  When students were asked to rate their general competency levels (writing and speaking clearly, making informed choices, thinking critically/creatively, computing skills, and familiarity with other cultures) they rated themselves higher in all six skills than the 2007 respondents.

•  Students reported the confidence in their ability to successfully complete an online course. Responses were very confident (38%), somewhat confident (55%), and little confidence (8%). When asked how likely they would be to enroll in an online course, only 4% responded very likely , compared to 40% somewhat likely , and 56% not very likely.

•  38% of the freshmen reported that they would want employment in North Dakota if a job was available in their area of interest, 16% would not, and 46% were unsure.

•  Group differences of the Community of Learners Scholarship (CLS) recipients compared to non-CLS recipients were analyzed. The only significant difference between the two groups was seen on the question related to the importance of receiving a scholarship in the decision to enroll at UND.


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