ACT Withdrawing/Non-Returning Student Survey - 2004

Executive Summary:

Jean Chen
Carmen Williams
Office of Institutional Research
March 10, 2005

The purpose of this study is to assess why students leave the university before completing graduation. During the early fall semester of 2004, the Office of Institutional Research surveyed the students who were enrolled for fall semester 2003 but did not return for spring semester 2004 or fall semester 2004. The 2004 ACT Withdrawing/Non-Returning Student Survey (short form) was mailed to 700 students. Overall, 94 students responded to the survey for a net response rate of 14.2%. This study provides background information on the non-returning respondents and their reasons for leaving this college.

Background Information (percentage of respondents shown in parenthesis)

  • Female composed the larger percentage of non-returning respondents (63%).
  • Nine-tenths of the respondents ranged from 19 years to 25 years of age (89%).
  • Three-fourths of the respondents were freshmen and sophomores (73%).
  • The majority of the respondents were Caucasian (96%).
  • Most of the respondents were unmarried (85%).
  • Most of the respondents were enrolled full-time before leaving UND (94%).
  • The major reason for attending UND was to obtain a bachelor’s degree (68%).
  • Four out of ten respondents lived on campus while attending at UND (42%).
  • Three out of four respondents paid in-state tuition while attending at UND (76%).
  • Two-thirds of the respondents declared North Dakota as their state of residence (66%).
  • Three-fourths of the respondents planned to enroll in college for the coming year (74%).
  • Two-thirds of the respondents did not plan to re-enroll at UND (62%).


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