UND 2001 CIRP New Freshmen Survey

Executive Summary:

Jean Chen
Carmen Williams
Bobby Reis
Office of Institutional Research
March 1, 2002

A total of 1,947 new freshmen, 1070 male (54.96%) and 877 (45.04%) female, enrolled at the University of North Dakota in the Fall Semester of 2001. While participating in “Getting Started” during the summer of 2001, 1430 students (73.5%) completed the 41-item CIRP survey along with the additional 15-item supplemental questionnaire.

Of the 1430 respondents, 749 male students (52.4%) and 681 female students (47.6%) were represented. The majority of the respondents were white (97.4%), eighteen years old (56.4%) and not married (99.6%). Nearly all respondents were US citizens (99.5%) or permanent residents (0.4%). More than ninety-nine percent claimed English as their native language.

Nearly ninety-three percent of freshmen graduated from public secondary school. Most of them graduated from high school in the previous spring. Twenty-two percent of the freshmen were from areas less than 51 miles away from UND, while 14.6% were 51 to 100 miles and 63.2% were over 100 miles away. Eighty-five percent of freshmen planned to live in college dormitories.

More than half (51.1%) of the respondents reported that their average high school grades were A, A-, or A+. More than 97% of UND freshmen met or exceeded recommended years of high school study in English (4 years), Mathematics (3 years), and History or American Government (1 year). There is a gap observed between UND freshmen and national norms in their study at Foreign Language (2-year), Physical Science (2-year), and Biological Science (2-year).

More than fifty percent of the UND freshmen decided to attend UND because of its good academic reputation and forty-nine percent of the freshmen reported that UND was the only school they applied to. More than eighty-eight percent indicated that UND was their first choice while four percent were admitted to UND through an Early Action or Early Decision program.

The total percentage of UND freshmen (16.9%) and the national norm (15.5%) were very close for the field of Engineering. A significant increase has occurred in the number of prospective UND Education majors. UND freshmen (4.3%) were nearly twice as likely as the national norm (2.8%) to choose one of the Physical Sciences as a field of study. To a great degree the difference can be accounted for by interest in the field of Atmospherics Sciences (including Meteorology) in which UND freshmen (1.9%) were six times more likely to choose as a field of study than their counterparts (0.3%). Higher percentages of UND freshmen compared to the national group in pursuing Occupational, Physical, and Speech Therapy, Medicine, Dentistry, and Veterinarian, Nursing, and Health Technology. However, ten percent of respondents mentioned that they might change their major, compared with their national counterparts (16.1%).

More than seventy percent of freshmen planned to graduate from UND in four years, while 20.8% said that they plan to graduate in more than four years and 6.4% said they intended to transfer elsewhere before they graduate from UND.
More than half of the UND freshmen considered the option of postgraduate education, with the majority being interested in a Master’s degree (33.7%) compared to 41.4% at the national group.

More than nine percent of UND freshmen felt the highest degree they planned to obtain was a Ph.D. or Ed.D. compared to 18.3% of the national group. More than half of UND freshmen drank beer (50.3%) and wine/liquor (50.4%) in their high school years. Although UND female smoke as well as drank wine or liquor less than their national female counterparts, UND female smoke and drank more than their UND male counterparts.

Thirty-four percent of the UND freshmen would want employment in North Dakota after graduation, 22.3% would not, and 44.3% reported being unsure.

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