2010 Campus Quality Survey

Executive Summary:

Sue Erickson
Carmen Williams
Office of Institutional Research


The Campus Quality Survey (CQS)

Employee Survey Results Are In!

Thank you again to all employees who participated in the 2010 Campus Quality Survey this past fall.  The Office of Institutional Research has just received the results.

Overall, 76% of employees indicate they are satisfied or very satisfied overall with employment at UND.  This same percentage had been recorded in the 2008 survey.  At all four-year NDUS institutions, 79% of employees responding report being satisfied or very satisfied with their employment.  Three institutions report higher levels of satisfaction than UND, while two report lower levels of satisfaction.

 Seventy-eight percent of employees indicate they have an excellent or good impression of quality at UND.  In 2008, 74% reported such.  At four-year NDUS institutions, 79% of employees responding indicate they have an excellent or good impression of quality at their institution. 

The survey measures campus effectiveness by asking employees to rank survey items twice:  first as to how it should be on campus and secondly as to how it is now on campus.  This difference between these two scores allows campuses to measure a relative importance or expectation along with satisfaction of the employees on the particular item.  Using this difference, UND employee respondents indicate the following as areas of high satisfaction:

  • This institution regularly conducts surveys to evaluate the quality of its programs and services.
  • I know what is expected of me.
  • This institution uses state and national data to compare its performance with that of other institutions.
  • Faculty and staff take pride in their work.
  • Professional development training programs are available to assist employees in improving their job performance.

On the other hand, items where UND employee respondents indicate the lowest satisfaction include:

  • There are effective lines of communication between departments.
  • Employees are rewarded for outstanding job performance.
  • Employees receive special training in improving customer service.
  • Employees are empowered to resolve problems quickly.
  • Administrators recognize faculty and staff when they do a good job.

UND employees also indicate low satisfaction with several items pertaining to the North Dakota State University System, including:

  • The mission, purpose, and values of the NDUS are familiar to employees.
  • The NDUS involves employees in planning for the future.
  • There are effective lines of communication between NDUS institutions.

Next fall, UND will be asked to provide the state with a list of actions that have taken place to improve the scores in these low-satisfaction areas. 
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