Employer Satisfaction Survey 2004

Executive Summary:

Jean Chen
Carmen Williams
Office of Institutional Research

April 22, 2005

In order to achieve the goals of gathering information from graduates and their employers, Office of Institutional Research asked for graduates’ assistance and permission to survey their employers. An invitation letter was therefore constructed with detailed explanations of the Employer Satisfaction Survey procedures. The UND Alumni Foundation provided mailing labels including 2,129 graduates who earned a bachelors degree from UND in December 2002, May 2003, or August 2003. This invitation letter along with the Employer Survey Consent Form were mailed out to the graduates on September 10, 2004.

A total of 106 graduates provided their consent and designated a person to be contacted by the Office of Institutional Research. The Office then mailed an invitation letter and a blank Employer Satisfaction Survey form directly to the designated person whose name was provided by the graduates on the consent form. The designated person was asked to mail the completed survey directly to Noel Levitz for scoring. By the deadline for the collection of the Employer Satisfaction Survey, November 15, 2004, a total of 77 completed surveys had been received by Noel Levitz. When calculate the adjusted response rate of all graduates, it has only reached an overall 4% response rate.

Noel Levitz only provided the Office of Institutional Research with a set of descriptive analyses about the responses. At this time, no actual data was made available for further analysis.

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