Employer Satisfaction Survey 2008

Executive Summary:

Sue Erickson
Carmen Williams
Office of Institutional Research

March 2009

As part of state mandated accountability measures, the North Dakota University System contracted with Noel-Levitz to administer an Employer Satisfaction Survey to determine the level to which North Dakota institutions of higher education are meeting the needs of current employers. The University of North Dakota participated in this survey in 2008 to gain information on employer’s levels of satisfaction on skills provided them by recent UND graduates. 129 employers completed the survey, for a response rate of 24%.
The survey asks employers to rate the importance of various skills to the position into which the graduate was hired and then also rate their level of satisfaction on how the particular employee performs the skill. Items are ranked on a 5-point scale and mean scores are calculated for each skill’s importance and satisfaction, with the resulting gap showing whether the employee is meeting expectation. Mean scores can be interpreted as 1 = Not at all satisfied, 2 = Not very satisfied, 3 = Somewhat satisfied, 4 = Very satisfied, and 5 = Extremely satisfied.
The survey asks about employee performance in four general areas: knowledge and understanding, qualitites generally expected of employees, general skills, and specialized skills.

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