2003-2004 Environmental Assessment Survey

Executive Summary:

Jean Chen
Carmen Williams
Lei Liu
Office of Institutional Research
January 5, 2004

A total of 653 (368 male and 285 female) students who lived in the university residence halls in the fall 2003 were selected randomly from a total 3,333 of residence hall population (1,886 male and 1,447 female) and mailed an invitation to participate in the resident satisfaction survey with one hundred thirty-five questions in October 2003. Students had the option to participate and enter their responses through the web-version questionnaire or the paper-and-pencil questionnaire. Three follow-up reminders were mailed to the sampled students who did not participate in the survey to promote participation. A total of 185 (82 male and 103 female) respondents participated in this survey through the web survey format (74 male and 91 female) and the traditional paper questionnaire (8 male and 12 female). This accounts for a net response rate of 29%.

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