2005-2006 Placement Survey of 2003-2004 Undergraduate Alumni

Executive Summary:

Jean Chen
Carmen Williams
Yevhen Holubnyak
Office of Institutional Research
May 24, 2006

For years, the Office of Institutional Research has conducted a descriptive study using a traditional paper-and-pencil survey via postal mail for the purpose of collecting demographic and employment information on recent University of North Dakota graduates for the needs of the Career Services and assessment purposes. Internet-based surveys are becoming increasingly popular because they are perceived to be faster, cheaper, and easier to conduct than surveys using the traditional mailing method. This is the third time a web version as well as a paper-based option placement survey were developed and facilitated by the Office of Institutional Research to administer this UND Institutional Review Board (IRB) approved study (IRB-200408-048). However, after experimenting to facilitate with web-based surveying method in last two consecutive years with low response rates, a 15-item Placement Survey in a paper-based option was hence developed for use with university alumni this year.

The UND Alumni Foundation provided mailing labels containing 1,628 graduates who earned a bachelors degree from UND in December 2003, May 2004, or August 2004. An invitation letter and a survey form were mailed out to the above described 1,628 undergraduate alumni by the Office of Institutional Research on September 30, 2005. Altogether four follow-up mailings to the survey announcement were sent to non-respondents to promote participation and to make the results as representative as possible. The survey collection was closed on April 5, 2006. After adjusting for the undeliverable addresses and the duplicate responses, a total of 681 valid placement surveys were therefore obtained. The survey yielded a response rate of 50.2%. The response rate is higher than in previous years.

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