2009-2010 Placement Survey of 2007-2008 Undergraduate Alumni

Executive Summary:

Office of Institutional Research
April 2010

The UND Placement Survey was developed in 1997 through the partnership of Career Services and Institutional Research for the purpose of collecting demographic and employment information from recent University of North Dakota graduates. Over the years the use for this information has expanded and is now being used not only in Career Services and for university assessment purposes but for others both on- and off-campus. The 15-question Placement Survey is distributed to university alumni who graduated two years prior.

In October 2009, an invitation letter and a survey form were mailed to 1,736 undergraduate alumni. Altogether five mailings were sent to promote participation and to make the results as representative as possible. After adjusting for the undeliverable addresses, a total of 624 valid placement surveys were obtained which yielded a response rate of 38.5%.


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