2002 Sophomore Satisfaction Survey

Executive Summary:

Jean Chen
Carmen Williams
Office of Institutional Research
July 9, 2002

Five hundred sophomore students (260 male and 240 female) received the 2002 Sophomore Satisfaction Survey by mail in the spring of 2002. An overall 50% net response rate was attained. Of the 246 respondents, 42.7% were men and 57.3% were women.

The majority of the respondents were white (96.7%), 20 years or younger of age (80.8%), unmarried (96.7%), and live in the residence halls/apartments (51.2%). Forty-eight percent of the sophomore respondents were from North Dakota, 33.3% from Minnesota, and 18.7% from other states/countries.

Over ninety percent of the sophomores surveyed indicate their college-related goals as “To obtain a degree” (97.2%), “To increase my knowledge and understanding in an academic field” (91.5%).

Ninety-three percent of the respondents intended to graduate from UND.

Nearly 80% of the respondents worked 20 hours or less per week, 13.5% worked between 21 and 30 hours and 6.5% worked more than 31 hours weekly. Nearly 80% of the respondents studied 20 or less hours per week while 18.2% studied 21 to 30 hours and 2.5% studied 31 or more hours. The majority (89.3%) of the respondents spent fewer than 20 hours per week watching television.

Nearly 55% of the respondents discussed class assignments frequently or very often with fellow students while only 12.8% of the respondents did so with their instructors.

More than 98% of the respondents indicated that lecturing was the major teaching method they received in UND. Nearly twenty percent of the respondents received computer-assisted learning frequently or very often. Eighteen percent of the respondents never used the library research.

Near or over 50% indicated that their instructors place much or great importance on “Encouragement of high quality thinking” (59.5%) and “Concern that students are well prepared in their major” (49.6%).

”Learning on own”, “Working Independently”, “Making informed choices”, and “Organizing time effectively” are the top four items reported being impacted on students’ personal growth.

Admissions, Registrar’s Office, Memorial Student Union, Library, and Bookstore were the five most used offices on campus.
Overall, 84.5% of the sophomores surveyed indicated that they were satisfied or very satisfied with their experience at UND.

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