2005 Sophomore Satisfaction Survey

Executive Summary:

Jean Chen
Carmen Williams
Zhangmin Liu

Office of Institutional Research
May 16, 2005

A paper format Sophomore Satisfaction Survey (SSS) initiated in 1993 gave the University of North Dakota the capacity to determine sophomore’s satisfaction with their experiences at UND. The survey is intended to extract a variety of information from the students including issues such as: overall satisfaction with the university experience, student involvement, cognitive and affective development, technological uses, as well as their goals to study and graduate from UND. This survey instrument had been used subsequently in 1996, 1999, and 2002. (UND Institutional Review Board approval # IRB-200502-254)

In spring 2005, a specific Sophomore Satisfaction Survey website and web-based survey were developed and facilitated by the Office of Institutional Research. This is the first time an online survey has been used with our sophomores. On March 2, 2005, an invitation from the Office of Institutional Research was electronically mailed to 508 sampled sophomores to inform them about the SSS hosting website and the SSS instrument. On this email, a special password was assigned to each respondent to insure access was limited to the sampled population. On March 4, a 48-hour postcard announcement was sent to those sophomores with undeliverable email address along with those who had not yet participated. Four more email follow-up reminders were sent on March 8, March 22, and March 29. Of the adjusted number of the sampled population (448 sophomores), 216 sophomores returned completed questionnaires by the end of the data collection period on April 19, 2005. It yielded a net response rate of 48.0%.

A total of 216 sophomores consisting of 99 males, 116 females, and one respondent who did not report his/her gender participated in this survey. The majority of the respondents to the 2005 Sophomore Satisfaction Survey were white (97.6%), twenty years or younger in age (87.7%), and unmarried (97.1%).

Among 216 respondents, 65 were majoring in the College of Arts and Sciences (30.2%), 35 from the College of Business & Public Administration (16.3%), 33 from the School of Aerospace Sciences (15.3%), 24 from the College of Nursing (11.2%), 18 from the College of Education & Human Development (8.4%), 16 from the School of Medicine & Health Sciences (7.4%), 10 from the School of Engineering & Mines (4.7%), 14 were undecided majors (6.5%), and 1 did not report his/her academic college.

About 40 percent of the respondents (38% of males and 41% of females) lived in the UND residence halls or university apartments. Forty-eight percent of the respondents (47.9%) were from North Dakota, 31.3% from Minnesota, 19.1% from other states and a total of 0.9 % of the sophomore students were from Norway and United Kingdom.

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