2004 Student Satisfaction Inventory

Executive Summary:

Jean Chen
Carmen Williams
Office of Institutional Research
October 15, 2004

The Student Satisfaction Inventory (SSI) constructed by Noel-Levitz is a nationally normed, standardized instrument which was administered to all UND students in Spring 2004. This is the second time that UND has participated in SSI and the first time UND has launched this study via a web survey format. The net response rate was 30%. A significant amount of information is generated through 3 different scores for each item along with the computed 12 composite scales for institutional decision makers.

Importance score ratings reflect how strongly UND students feel about their expectations. The top 6 items in order of
importance are:

  • The content of the courses within my major is valuable (the most important item)
  • The instruction in my major field is excellent.
  • The quality of instruction I receive in most of my classes is excellent.
  • I am able to register for the classes I need with few conflicts.
  • My academic advisor is knowledgeable about requirements in my major. (tied for 5th rank)
  • Nearly all of the faculty are knowledgeable in their field. (tied for 5th rank)
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