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Grand Forks, ND

Forensic Anthropology 441 Field School
Highlights from ANTH 441 Summer Session A Preparation Phase

Glove donning techniques

Anthropology student
Will Swearson and Dr. Stubblefield
glove-donning techniques.


Clandestine burial

Pig 1 is prepared for its role
in the clandestine burial.

forensic backhoe

The "forensic backhoe" makes light work
of the burial preparations.


Completed burial
Completed burial

Completed burial
Completed burial


Pig 1
Unit 1 Excavation: Pig 1 Exposed

Test grids
Unit 1 Excavation: Test Grids in Unit


Field School Support Team


Field School Support Team:
Forensic Science Alumni Al Christopher, Anthropology major & office staff
Deah King, and Anthropology major
Will Swearson


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