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Support the UND Forensic Science Program!
Whether you are a graduate, a forensic science specialist, or an interested citizen, there are numerous ways to support the forensic science program!  Opportunities exist in the near future and for years to come.  Consider a few of the possibilities below:


  • Support forensic science education!
    • UND offers an increasing number of courses online that are part of the forensic science curriculum—try one today!  See the Program FAQ for information on forensic science career education.
    • Make monetary donations to the forensic science program!
      • Your funds create scholarships, support student travel to the annual American Academy of Forensic Sciences meeting, support students who participate in public learning fairs, and provide access to current technology and databases relevant to budding forensic scientists.  Any amount will help!
    • Donate equipment!
      • Suggestions: certain used laboratory equipment such as microscopes; Old 10 gal fish tanks make great fuming chambers, even when cracked; gun enthusiasts generate useful spent cartridge collections and firearms components (NO live ammunition or working firearms please); many items are useful, just ask!
    • Body Donation! Considering donating your body to science? Donate it to Forensic Science! Your contribution can have a temporary or permanent impact on UND students.

Law enforcement and Crime Laboratory Personnel:

  • Donate your experience
    • Offer to give guest lectures for classes or the Forensic Science Club
    • Offer to demonstrate your skills in a laboratory or field exercise
    • Invite students to your institution for a tour
    • Support forensic science or criminal justice internships in your institution whenever you can
      • Internships can be at any time of year
      • Take the option of offering internships on an irregular cycle instead of annually, in order to maintain interest in taking new interns
  • Donate equipment—if your lab is surplusing older but functioning equipment, consider a donation to the program!


If you are interested in supporting the UND Forensic Science Program, please contact Dr. Phoebe Stubblefield,, or (701) 777-4870.  Email is the best form of contact, but don’t hesitate to call if you prefer!

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