Implementation Procedures

Mass Email Policy

University of North Dakota



1.†††††††† Urgent messages will be sent through University Relations.Contact Jan Orvik, or Peter Johnson,†††† University Relations will use their contacts with all e-mail providers to send the message to U-Mail, GroupWise, Aerospace, Medical School, and other campus e-mail systems.Messages should be sent to users within 10 minutes from acknowledged receipt. ††Information should include which groups should receive the urgent message:students, faculty, staff or all.

2.†††††††† Formal Notice Class messages will be distributed to students through the ITSS Help Center to all student U-Mail accounts.†† The message will be approved by a Vice Presidentís office.The message, ready for sending including appropriate subject, will be sent to with a follow up phone call to 7-2222 to be sure message is received.†† The message will be sent at the earliest non-peak time of day.

3.†††††† Individuals with Information Class messages, usually for faculty and staff distribution, may submit them to University Relations, contacts Jan Orvik, or Peter Johnson,, for distribution at the earliest non-peak time of day.  Individuals with information to be sent to all students should e-mail it to  This mail is typically sent once per month or at the discretion of Student Government.


Reference:Mass E-Mail policy approved by Presidentís Cabinet 8/1/2005