UND ITSS Spam Policy


To establish a policy for proper use of ITSS email systems (GroupWise and U-Mail) by taking preventive measures against the proliferation of Spam.


This policy applies to all University staff, faculty, administrators, officers and students (collectively, "users") using ITSS email systems and to the staff who administer those systems.

What is SPAM

Spam is unsolicited commercial email sent in bulk over the Internet.  SPAM is also known as junk mail.

Anti-Spam Policy

ITSS has the authority and responsibility to manage, control, and delete SPAM in e-mail systems it administers to prevent the unnecessary or inappropriate use of UND computer and network resources through the receipt and transmission of  SPAM e-mail.   ITSS must take all appropriate measures to assure timely transmission, receipt and sending of e-mail not identified as SPAM.


ITSS will develop, publish and maintain procedures to implement this policy.

UND ITSS SPAM Procedures

In order to prevent email from known spammers from entering ITSS email, ITSS  systems shall use control measures, which may include but will not necessarily be limited to labeling, filters and use of subscription SPAM identification systems.

ITSS shall take all reasonable steps to utilize methods which minimize the blocking of email which is not Spam.


ITSS currently uses SPAM Assassin to identify E-mail as SPAM.  By matching words, phrases, content and formatting to establish a number ranking that is assigned to each e-mail.

If the e-mail is ranked between 5 and 14 a label of {SPAM???} is added to the beginning of the Subject.  This allows e-mail recipients to filter e-mail locally.

If the e-mail is ranked at 15 or greater it is labeled {SPAM???}{DS} and deleted at the system level.  The e-mail recipient will not receive any e-mail labeled {SPAM???}{DS}.

 SPAM Ranking Samples

E-mail SPAM Rankings are determined by, but not limited to the following tests.  A complete list of SPAM tests can be found at http://spamassassin.apache.org.

Subject contains a version of drug name like 'cialis' or ‘viagra’ or ‘levitra’ etc….

E-mail date is earlier then delivered date

E-mail sent by mail server with no name

Subject contains key words like ‘GUARANTEED’ or ‘Your Family’ or ‘life insurance’ etc…

Subject is indicative of a Nigerian spam

URL contains username and (optional) password

E-mail sender is listed in 'blacklist'





Questions or Problems

Questions, concerns or additional information about these procedures should be directed to the ITSS Help Desk, 777-2222 or ITSSHelp@mail.und.edu.