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Scanning Information  

* Exams are dropped off and picked up at:
Basement of Upson II

* Please do not send tests through the mail.  ITSS will not return tests using the mail system.  They must be picked up in person.

ITSS only scans evaluation forms.  The scanned evaluation forms are sent to Institutional Research * (701-777-4358).  ITSS does not return evaluation forms to professors or departments.

* Evaluation forms are available from Institutional Research.

Test Headers, Research Forms, and Answer Sheets are available at:

UND Bookstore
775 Hamline St.
Grand Forks, ND 58201


The answer sheet available:
General Purpose Answer Sheet: Form # 229633.  The "pink" answer sheet is the most commonly used for exam scoring along with a test header.

A test header is necessary when scoring exams.

The Test Header available: Exam Systems Test Header: Form # 229842

There are two Research Forms available:

General Purpose Answer Sheet: Form # 4521.  The "blue" answer sheet has 5 response positions for each question.

General Purpose NCS Answer Sheet: Form #4887.  The "green" answer sheet has 10 response positions for each question.

Tips on filling out the Test Header

1.  The Test ID can be any six digits.

2.  The other categories are constants:

  • Sub Test = 01
  • Scoring Formula = No
  • Printer = Off
  • Performance Assessment = No
  • Versions* = No
    *This will be no even if there are two different versions of the same exam.

3.  These variables are optional and do not need to be filled in:

Test Date




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