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Physical Education, Exercise Science & Wellness

Grand Forks, ND

Great Plains Injury Prevention Research Initiative
Directors:  Travis W. Heggie PhD, Dennis Caine PhD.

Our Challenge

Injury is a major but under-recognized public health problem worldwide.  An estimated 150,000 people die of injuries each year in the United States alone.  This results in more years of life lost before age 65 than any other single health problem.

In addition to loss of life, the pain, suffering, and long-term disability associated with injuries are enormous.   Most of these injuries are preventable. However, in order to prevent injuries we need to understand more about the factors that influence when, how, where, and to whom injuries will occur and determine how to design and implement effective and appropriate intervention strategies.


Our vision is to reduce the frequency and impact of injury on people's lives through research, education, training and public awareness.


  • To generate new knowledge regarding the prevention and treatment of injuries
  • To share research results through scientific publications and presentations
  • To educate colleagues, professionals, policy makers and the public regarding methods to prevent and treat injuries
  • To promote the adoption and implementation of effective clinical and public health practice and policy by collaborating with partner organizations.


  • We believe that injuries are preventable.
  • We believe research can result in better injury prevention practices and improved care of injured patients.
  • We believe our work can have regional, national and international influence.
  • We believe the knowledge and skills of an interdisciplinary and collaborative team of faculty and staff are the basis for effective implementation of our mission.
Department of Physical Education, Exercise Science & Wellness
Hyslop Sports Center Room 101
2751 2nd Avenue North, Stop 8235
Grand Forks, ND 58202
Telephone: (701) 777-4324
Fax: (701) 777-3531

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