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Courtesy services may be provided to students who need access in the classroom and/or campus environments because of a temporary medical condition, such as a broken arm or leg.  Unlike disability accommodations, the University is NOT obligated to provide courtesy services.  Faculty and staff want to help students stay enrolled when appropriate; however, it is not the University’s intention to promote continued participation that is detrimental to the student’s health, well being or academic record. 

Students are responsible for contacting professors regarding their absence and arranging to make up work. 


1.   The student should discuss the feasibility of returning to class with his/her doctor or other professional treating the temporary medical condition and identify the types of assistance needed. Get a statement from the doctor naming the condition and identifying the needs, in case University personnel ask for verification of same.

2.   The student is expected to make his/her own arrangements whenever possible, e.g., having a roommate drive the student to class; borrowing  notes from a classmate or asking the professor to arrange assistance for in-class writing.

3.   If the student will be absent for a long time, it is important to discuss the situation with his/her professors to determine the feasibility of remaining in the courses.  If it is necessary to withdraw from the University after the last day to drop, contact the Dean of Students Office for assistance, 777-2664, McCannel, Rm. 180.     

4.  If the student is unable to make arrangements, he/she may be able to get help with:

Transportation on Campus - Student Health Services, McCannel Hall, Rm. 100, 777-4500 or Transportation Department, 777-4030, 3925 Campus Rd. can approve van service for the student unable to use the campus shuttle service.  Be prepared to provide the statement of temporary medical condition.  Once approved, the student schedules rides with the Transportation Department.

Temporary Accessible Parking Permits - Provide a doctor’s statement to either the Parking Office, 777-3551 or the Student Health doctor to get a temporary permit which allows parking near the  student’s destination.

Test Taking:

Make Up tests or Extended Time Only – Ask your professor to contact Testing Services located in the University Counseling Center, McCannel Hall, Rm. 200, 777-4157

Test Scribe or Test on Computer – Contact Disability Services for Students, McCannel Hall, Rm 190, 777-3425.

Academic Problem Solving – Work with the academic advisor or the professor in the course.




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