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  NUREMBERG TRIAL TRANSCRIPTS | Nazi Occupation of Norway  

About the Nazi Occupation of Norway Project

This project was begun in 2008 and completed in 2012 as collaboration between the Chester Fritz Library, the UND Center for Human Rights and Genocide Studies, and the UND Department of English. The documents on this site were digitized by undergraduate and graduate students in various English 417 and English 428 courses under the supervision of Dr. Crystal Alberts.

The materials were transcribed by members of the digitization team and then verified to ensure accuracy. When a word or letter was unclear, it has been marked as [illegible] or placed in brackets. With the exception of removing hyphens noting a break in a word over a line, the text appears as it does in the original. Page images have been also been made available.

To ensure the persistence and preservation of this project, it is maintained by the University of North Dakota Chester Fritz Library.

Portions of this project were made possible through the generous support of the Norges Hjemmefrontmuseum

Digitization Team Members

Dr. Crystal Alberts, Brianna Berg, Brock Berglund, Rebekah Billings, Meghan Brown, Erin Carr, Alex Cavanaugh, Sally Cook, Laura Cory, Holly Edwards, John Fitzgerald, Nick Gowan, Lucy Hartmann, Douglas Haugen, Andrea Herbst, Debrah Iverson, Betsy Jensen, Brandon Jordan, Brooke LaDouceur, Whitney Ledger, Kari Mitchell, Stephanie Myers, Kaylee Nesdahl, Abbey Numedahl, Jennifer Pierce, Michael Raatz, Jennifer Steele, Mary Stromme, Katy Thiel, Ericka Erickson, Brad Rose, Devon Olson, Lindsey Humfeld, Jordan Thiery, Nathan Guillemette, Phil Brockman, and Jamie Hutchinson.