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Certificate in Writing & Editing

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Certificate in Writing and Editing

The English Department of the College of Arts and Sciences offers a certificate in "Writing and Editing" consisting of five 400 level courses of 3 hours each and an internship (1-4 credits). The cycle of courses, which do not have to be taken in sequence, consists of: "Introduction to Publishing and Editing"; "Professional Writing and Editing"; "Scholarly Editing"; Digital Humanities; and Studies in Writing and Editing. These 400 level classes are open to any interested student.

If you wish to complete a Certificate in Writing and Editing, you will need to declare it as soon as you know you have an interest in the program, just as you would a major or minor. Also, if you wish to graduate with a Certificate in Writing and Editing on your transcript, you will need to file a separate intent to graduate form in your final term with the College of Arts and Sciences.

It is possible that other courses in the area of writing and editing, when at the 400 level or higher, may be substituted for one of the four courses, as might courses meeting the stated criteria from other departments such as Art (magazine and book design), Teaching and Learning (instruction through electronic media). There are opportunities to have an internship in editing, allowing a field experience. Being at the senior level, all courses would be open to juniors, seniors and graduate students.

Ongoing Digital Projects

A number of core courses in the certificate are currently involved with digital humanities. Once the projects are completed, links are made available on the navigation menu. However, until then, they are updated regularly, tested, and generally in process. Current ongoing projects include Nazi Occupation of Norway as found in "The Hostage Case" and the Elizabeth Barrett Browning Project.

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