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This is a former basement bedroom turned into a home theatre, incorporating seats,

poster frames, and other accessories salvaged from local commercial theatres that closed,

as well as posters and leftover props from local movie productions.

Wall construction, screen, drapes, platforms, carpeting, and lighting fixtures

were all installed “do-it-yourself” with the only expenses being materials

purchased at various local home improvement and fabric stores.


The screen shown here is a 4x8-foot sheet of matte white vinyl wall paneling,

masked to a height of 3 feet 4 inches, with movable side masking

adjustable from 1.18:1 (about 4 feet wide) to 2.4:1 (the full 8-foot width)

and everything in between.



The bottom masking can also be moved down to permit a 4-foot by 5-foot-4-inch

image for 1.33:1 films or larger pictures for special large format films like

Todd-AO 70mm, IMAX and Smileboxed Cinerama (digitally projected from BluRay).


These photos were taken from 2008-2010. Since then there have been a number of upgrades including

newer Blu-ray players, a wider screen, moveable draperies, and additional

antique theatre seats to replace the spare dining-room chairs and director chairs.




Description: Description: HomeTheat-front


Above, screen masking pulled in for classic 1.33:1 aspect ratio.

Below, masking pulled out for full 2.4:1 CinemaScope widescreen ratio (constant height).


Description: Description: HmTh-fromDoor


Box seat alcove on left was formerly a closet when the room was a bedroom.


Description: Description: HmTh-widepanfrbackdr


ABOVE: Five-picture panorama from the rear exit.

BELOW: Three-picture panorama from front right, edge of screen.


Description: Description: HmTh-panfromfrtR


Large and small projection ports in rear wall between exit and an acoustic drape.

Rear surround speakers sit on decorative plaster columns in rear corners.

Center surround speakers are in ceiling.

Original 1920s-era theatre seats had been discarded by now-demolished Forx Theatre.

Easy chairs had been discarded by former Westward Ho Motel.

Poster frames from former Colony Twin Theatre.



Description: Description: HmTh-seatsideDescription: Description: HmTh-seatsfromFrontexit

LEFT: Seats before risers installed. RIGHT: Seating after risers and aisle lights added.


Description: Description: HmTh-bkrowview-pan


Panoramic view from back row before risers installed or new front speakers purchased.

(screen masking set for 1.85:1).


Description: Description: Speaker-FrontLeftDescription: Description: Speakers-Sub&FrontCenterDescription: Description: Speaker-FrontRight


New Front Speakers: Left / Subwoofer & Center / Right

(New medium-grade Sony set)


Description: Description: Speaker-Surround-CenterLeftDescription: Description: Speaker-Surround-CenterRight


Center Surround Speakers: Left & Right , mounted in ceiling

(Mismatched but perfectly adequate leftover old 1960s hi-fi speakers)


Description: Description: Speaker-Surround-RightRearDescription: Description: Speaker-Surround-LeftRear


Rear Surround Speakers: Left and Right, set on plaster Corinthian columns

(Matched pair of JBL speakers from an old stereo)


Description: Description: Entry&Proj&Players&AmpDescription: Description: Equipment-Proj-Players-Amp


Entry next to video projector, players, and amp equipment,

as well as 16mm projectors & films.

Movable Panasonic PT-AE2000U projector at highest level

--not permanently mounted in order to permit more flexibility in positioning as well as portability and easy movement completely out of the way when 16mm film projector(s) are used--

Magnavox (Funai) BluRay player

Philips multi-region DVD player, Sylvania (Funai) DVD/VHS combo

Sony Digital 8 camcorder, Audio cassette deck, Yamaha 7.1 A/V processor-tuner

Late 1980s Pioneer Laserdisc player under a 5 preview monitor and stack of DVD-Rs


Description: Description: HmTh-lobby2


Lobby directly outside screening room

Poster frame & dater frames from former Colony Twin Theatre

8x10 still frames from Empire Theatre

Ticket grinder from former Cinema International Theatre

Coke menu board from now-demolished Star-Lite Drive-in Theatre



Description: Description: HmTh-lobby1


Lobby adjoining Projection Booth at rear entry to auditorium

(earlier wiring configuration and alternate projector height

that permits a simple zoom to change aspect ratios

rather than both a zoom and lens offset adjustment)