Annotated Bibliograpy of Quality Literature for Middle School and High School Band

The purpose of this assignment is: (1) to acquaint you with a wide variety of literature for middle school and high school band, (2) to help you determine how to select band repertoire, and (3) to provide a resource, not only for class members, but for other music teachers as well.

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In addition, please note:

Marking Up Your Work for Our Web Site

  1. Follow this link to the HTML template. Then, retrieve the HTML file by going to the "View" menu and dragging down to "Document Source." The file should automatically appear on your screen in SimpleText. Save this file.
  2. Make a copy of the entire file for each recording you review. To do that, open the file, then "select all" (apple-a), "copy" (apple-c), create a "new file" (apple-n), and "paste" (apple-v).
  3. Type (or copy and paste) the information about the piece and your comments in the appropriate spots.
  4. Delete the instructions (i.e., the sentences in ALLCAPS).
  5. Name the file by using a short-form version of the composition title and an "html" extension (e.g., The Black Knight could be named "knight.html").
  6. Save the named file as TEXT-ONLY.
  7. Give a disk copy of the saved file to your graduate reviewer.

Due Dates:

Four completed annotations are to be handed in to your graduate student reviewer each Wednesday beginning on September 18th. The graduate reviewer will assist you with recommendations for additions and/or corrections and will be responsible for putting your work on our web site. Use the attached sheets to keep yourself on-task. The concert sheets are to be handed in on, or before, December 4th.

Grading Procedure

A all parameters of the assignment are addressed, with full control of supporting annotative detail
B good work but either
  1. the focus isn't right on the point, or
  2. the supporting annotative detail is somewhat incomplete or somewhat flawed
C routine work marred by
  1. misdirection of focus, or
  2. the supporting annotative detail is incomplete or flawed
D something is seriously wrong with the assignment (e.g., directions not followed, sloppy spelling, grammar, not complete)
F shoddy and incomplete work

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Last Updated: 23 November 1996