Recording Review

Title of Recording:A Patriotic Salute to the Yorktown Bicentennial

Conductor: Not Given

Recording Label (e.g., Angel): United States Army Field Band

Recording Type (i.e., CD, LP, Tape, Video): Record

Recording Number if available (e.g., MCD-2160): ph # 1251

Pieces: America the Beautiful; Yorktown's Centennial March; Yankee Doodle; Stars and Stripes Forever; Patriotic Prologue; The World Turned Upside Down; American Overture for Band; Two Marches From Revolutionary America; Battle Hymn of the Republic.

This performance of William Schuman's Chester was very good. The Field band played very well as usual. The style of the piece was accurate but it was obviously a military band. Balance, blend and phrasing were all quite good. The Quality of the recording was surprisingly good for an old record.

Reviewer:Paul Schumacher

Source:UND Music Library

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