Recording Review

Title of Recording: The Lord Of The Rings

Conductor: Pierre Kuijpers

Recording Label (e.g., Angel): Ottavo

Recording Type (i.e., CD, LP, Tape, Video): CD

Recording Number if available (e.g., MCD-2160):0

Pieces:Symphony No.1 "The Lord of the Rings," Johan de Meij; Symphony for Band, Jerry H. Bilik

Johan de Meij's first symphony, which was first published in 1955, is represented here better than any other recording. The Dutch Royal Military Band brings this dynamic and expressive work to life with a wonderful blend of instruments. The sound is beautiful and Romantic and is an emotional whirlwind for the avid music listener. The technical performance is exceptional along with intonation as a group. The solo players really feel the music. That's nice! Jerry Bilik's symphony is lively and expressive. The rhythmic patterns are quite complex. This makes active listening absolutely necessary for a good performance. This is good!

Reviewer:Tim Morris

Source:Barnes and Noble Bookstore

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