Recording Review

Title of Recording: 1994 Gold Star Concert Band - North Dakota State University

Conductor: Wayne F. Dorthy/ Kyle D. Mack associate

Recording Label (e.g., Angel): Mark Custom recording Service, Inc

Recording Type (i.e., CD, LP, Tape, Video): CD

Recording Number if available (e.g., MCD-2160): MCD 1568

The accuracy and intonation of the group is very good, and the rhythms that are played are very precise. The interpretation that the conductor has chosen for these pieces are very accurate and although there are some tempo variances that I am not sure whether if it is in the score or not. There is also a fairly good blend and balance between the voice and band in "The Heart of the Morning." Overall this is an enjoyable CD to listen to and a good reference when starting to learn a piece.

Reviewer: John Bailey

Source: Personal Collection

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