Meeting Standard Five

Standard Objective: Reading and notating music

For this standard we have looked for pieces that students should be able to pick up and describe the melodies and counter melodies that occur in the piece. These are also pieces that the students should be able to read with some ease.

Grade 1

Anthem and March - McGinty

Rondo Royal - Frank Erickson

Air and Alleluia - Mozart/arr. Kinyon

Bavarian Folk Dance - Kinyon

Grade 2

Amazing Grace - Edmondson

Catacombs of Rome - Wood

Adventures - Spears

Festive Toccata - Del Borgo

Grade 3

Appalachian Overture - Barnes

Canto - McBeth

Dramatic Legend - Del Borgo

Fantasia - Bach/Anthenien

Grade 4

Allegro Animato - Erickson

Adagio for Winds - Del Borgo

Allerseelen - Strauss/Davis/Fennel

Baroque Suite - Telemann/Hill

compiled by John Bailey and Mike Hanson

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Last Updated: 31 October 1996