Meeting Standard Six

Standard Objective: Listen to, analyzing, and describing music

Grade Level 1

James Ployhar: Sultan's Saber

Publisher:Belwin Mills Publishers

This work allows the band to experience structured ensemble sound. It incorporates solo passages in the percussion section that adds excitement, the piece has an exotic sound, it keeps the interest of both musician, and listener.

Ralph Hale: Greenway March

Publisher:TRN Music Publisher

In this composition after the introduction, the composer presents a first, second , third strain, and a trio. This shapes the development and keeps the musician involved. The meter is 2/4 with divisi parts found in the clarinet, trumpet, and trombones sections.

Mozart/John Cacavas: Allegro and Dance

Publisher:Theodore Presser Publisher

This work has clarity in the musical line, that must be played with the style of mozart. The band also must perform with idiomatic thought. This work allows the ensemble to experience a different style, it will broaden the bands repertoire.

Frank Erickson: Rondo Royale

Publisher:Summitt Publications

This work will challenge the band with a form in the rondo style. It offers a variety of melody and lyricism that the group can sink its musicality into.

Grade Level 2

All Through the Night - Sammy Nestico

Publisher: Kendor Music

This well known melody is free for interpretation and gives the students a beautiful piece to describe and analyze.

The Battle Pavane - Tielman Susato / Bob Margolis

Publisher: Manhattan Beach Music

An excellent 16th-century pavane that is scored for a subtle opening and broad climax will provide great opportunity for analyzation, and the teaching of style, articulation, etc.

Dorian Festival - Frank Erickson

Publisher: Summitt Publications

This overture-like contemporary piece is excellent for teaching about different modes. It is not technically demanding, so time can be spent on articulation, blend, balance, and developing skills concerning modality.

Fanfare Ode & Festival - Bob Margolis

Publisher: Manhattan Beach Music

This three-movement set of early dances will provide great learning experiences about history. Listen to a recording and students will be able to better comprehend the style and articulations of this period.

Grade Level 3

Arthur Frackenpohl: Quintagon

Publisher:Elkan-Vogel Publisher

This is a versatile work that develops over five movements. Mov't #1 features brass, #2 Woodwinds, and the remaining three combine the ensemble. It is a good work because it teaches style in five separate movements.

Elliot Del Borgo: Adagio For Winds

Publisher:Shawnee Press Publishers

This works is educational as it offers a style of the Romantic period, specifically in regards to harmony, and lyricism. Numerous accidentals challenge the musicians, but in the end the rewards pay off because it is a musical work.

Timothy Broege: Sinfonia VI

Publisher: Manhatten Beach Publishers

This is a four movement work ( Andante , Allegretto, Andante, Allegro ) It's a work that continuously develops and keeps the interest of both musician and audience. Solo passages inhanse the work, and the melodies add excitement.

Eric Osterling: Symphonic Chorale

Publisher:Chappell Music Publishers

This is a sensitive work, with a lyrical Chorale setting. It is a linear piece that allows the band to play very musically. It also allows the musicians to be very expressive.

Grade Level 4

Fantasia in G Major - J.S. Bach / R.F. Goldman & R. Leist

Publisher: Mercury Music

This organ composition works well for band and his full of history and is available on many recordings for listening and analyzing.

Variations on a Shaker Melody - Aaron Copland

Publisher:Boosey & Hawkes

Simple Gifts and Appalachian Spring are melodies that the students will love and recognize and can discuss them in the context of compositional techniques, etc.

Irish Tune from County Derry - Percy Grainger

Publisher:Boosey & Hawkes

Recordings of this beautiful band standard are readily available and will provide great listening experiences for your group. By listening to different recordings, the students will recognize that it performed a little bit different by each group. This piece is bursting with musicality.

Ye Banks and Braes O' Bonnie Doon - Percy Grainger

Publisher:Boosey & Hawkes

Another beautiful setting that is short and will provide great opportunity for listening, describing, analyzing, and playing of this wonderfully crafted folk melody.

compiled by: Tim Knabe and John Boccio

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Last Updated: 30 October 1996