Meeting Standard Nine

Standard Objective: Understanding music in relation to history and culture.

Grade 1

Hotaru Koi - Arr. Anne McGinty:

This Japanese folk song is based on only four notes (B-flat, D-flat, E-flat, and F). In Japanese Hotaru Koi means Come, Firefly, Come.

Theme from the Moldau - Bedrich Smetana / Arr. John Kinyon:

Publisher:Alfred Publishing

This piece is a programmatic movement from the larger work Ma Vlast or my My Fatherland. The music describes the turmoil and flowing of the river.

Fantasy on a Medieval Carol - Bruce Pearson and Franck Halferty:

Publisher:Neil A. Kjos Music

This arrangement is based on a tune that was originally a Latin Christmas hymn in the vernacular. Eventually the tune was set to plainchant or a popular melody to form the carol from the Middle Ages "He Is Born."

Grade 2

Korean Folk Rhapsody - Arr. James Curnow:

Publisher:Jenson Publishing

This composition is based on the Korean song "Ahrirang." The percussion section sets the flavor for the piece with great rhythmic activity and each part being quite independent.

Folk Song Variations - Franck Erickson


This piece is written on "Allouette" and consists of three contrasting sections based on the melody and rhythms.

Espana: A Rhapsody On Spanish Airs - Emmamuel Chabrier / Arr. Andrew Balent:

Publisher:Carl Fischer

The suite features characteristics of Spanish dance music with one beat per measure. There is also some rubato in the piece, a characteristic of 19th century music that gives great independence to each instrument.

Variations On A Sioux Melody - James Ployhar:

This piece is structured around an Indian melody from the Dakota Sioux tribe. These Indians once roamed the Great Plains of the upper midwest.

Grade 3

An American Celebration - McGinty

The Civil War - Ployhar

Old Home Days - Charles Ives

Ukranian Folk Songs - Stevens/Shaeffer

Grade 4

American Folk Rhapsody No. 3 - Clare Grundman

This piece uses American folksongs as its basis, they include; Colorado Trail; Get Along Little Dogies; Careless Love and Turkey In The Straw. Pepper # 147421

The Blue and the Grey - Clare Grundman

A setting of American Civil War songs. It includes Kingdom Coming; Battle Cry of Freedom; Battle Hymn Of The Republic and others.Pepper# 148056

Fantasy On American Sailing Songs - Clare Grundman

A medley of American sailing songs. It includes; Hornet And Peacock; Lowlands; What Shall We Do With A Drunken Sailor and Rio Grande. Pepper# 149583

Green Sleeves - Alfred Reed

A simple English folk melody sometimes attributed to King Henry VIII of England, and also known as What Child is This, a Christmas melody. Pepper# 446948

compiled by Paul Nelson, Tim Morris and Paul Helfter

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Last Updated: 31 October 1996