Recording Review

Title of Recording: The Lord of the Rings

Conductor: The United States Air Force Band - Washington, D.C., Lieutenant Colonel Alan L. Bonner

Recording Label (e.g., Angel): Department of the Air Force; Mark Custom Recording

Recording Type (i.e., CD, LP, Tape, Video): CD

Recording Number if available (e.g., MCD-2160): BOL-9005C

Pieces: Symphony #1 "The Lord of the Rings"; Diamond Variations; Irish Tune from County Derry; Molly on the Shore; Tulsa

This Magnificant recording features Symphony #1 "The Lord of the Rings" by Johan de Meij in its entirety. The military band system has traditionally put together some of the finest musicians in the country and this CD is no exception. The ensemble has great control of intonation, rhythm, and articulations and deliver superb blend and balance.

Reviewer:Tim Knabe

Source:Personal Copy

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