Recording Review

Title of Recording: Sussex Mummers Christmas Carol

Conductor: John Climer

Recording Label (e.g., Angel): UND Wind Ensemble Spring Tour 1994

Recording Type (i.e., CD, LP, Tape, Video): Cassette tape, live recording

Recording Number if available (e.g., MCD-2160): N/A

Pieces: Mornin Alleluias for the Winter Solstice;Little Threepenny Music; Concerto for Clarinet and Wind Ensemble; Whip and Spur.

This Recording of Grainger's Sussex Mummers Christmas Carol is stylistically very good. Nice use of rubato and legato phrasing make this a convincing performance. At times the tempo seems a bit slow but not too slow. The Ensemble played very musically on the recording, the balance, intonation, and blend were all quite good, especcially for a live performance. This piece is a good piece for any band because it is very playable but can be adapted to any group depending on how much rhyhmic liberty is taken.

Reviewer:Paul Schumacher

Source:UND Music Library

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