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))) BRIDGES opposes UND's use of the nickname "Fighting Sioux" (((

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It's All About Power: Why the "Fighting Sioux" and "Fighting Irish" is a Lousy Comparison (August 2005), James McKenzie

AISS/CCHR Minority Report to NCAA (May 2005) [pdf version]

CCHR/BRIDGES Response to UND's Report to the NCAA (2002)

Pictures from "Time For A Change" March and Rally (March 2005)

Letter from President-elect of the Grand Forks Unitarian Universalist Fellowship (June 2004)

Fighting Sioux Name Sees New Advocate in Protest, by Serenity Banks

Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools

Barnes and Noble: Inappropriate Christmas Tree Decorations

What the "Fighting Sioux" tells us about White people, by Robert Jensen

Photos from the Northern Plains Conference (2001)

Three Affiliated Tribes resolution

H.R. 5847: Native Act to Transform Imagery in Various Environments

North Dakota Human Rights Coalition position on Native nicknames and logos

BRIDGES statement regarding Engelstad's death (November 27, 2002)

Sharon Carson responds to Engelstad's letter

Engelstad tries intimidating UND Faculty

NCAA Minority Opportunities and Interests Committee survey (from UND's David Vorland)

Office of Civil Rights report released

National Congress of American Indians (NCAI) Opposes "Fighting Sioux"

UND School of Law: Faculty Executive Committee Resolution

UND Social Work and Rehabilitation and Human Services Resolution

Other School's Resolutions against "The Fighting Sioux"

BRIDGES letter to President Kupchella

State Board of Higher Education hears from McKenzie and Ganje

Writer faces racism at Engelstad Arena, Donna Brown


"Let us put our minds together and see what life we can make for our children."
- Sitting Bull (Tatanka Yotanka)

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