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                                                      Breaking news from CGSA !

A Former UND Graduate Student receives $50,000.00 research grant

Pascal Itambi Binda Graduated with his PhD in Inorganic Chemistry in December 2008 under the supervision of Dr Harmon Abrahamson. He is now an Associate Professor in Chemistry at The Southern Wesleyan University in South Carolina. For more information log on to their faculty webpage.

Southern Wesleyan awarded AdvanceSC grant

AdvanceSC awarded Southern Wesleyan University with a $50,000 grant for Chemistry Professor Pascal Binda's project entitled, "Designing new catalysts for the synthesis of polylactide polymers with enhanced degradation rate in composting environments for use in packaging applications."
In addition to providing first-year funding for the university's scientific research project, the AdvanceSC grant aids in promoting and developing student proficiencies for high-tech and highly skilled manufacturing jobs. Southern Wesleyan University's collaboration with a local manufacturer for testing and evaluation is also an integral component of the project.
AdvanceSC supports economic development, education, manufacturing and public assistance agencies in Duke Energy's South Carolina service area. Established as a limited liability company by Duke Energy in 2004, AdvanceSC is funded with profits from the company's BPM program and is managed by a board of Upstate South Carolina leaders. For more details click here or log on to the AdvanceSC website!