JANUARY 21, 2003


ATTENDING: Brad Berg, Charlie Bridgeford, Jared Bruggeman, Maria Bruggeman, Judy DeMers, Phil Harmeson, Susan Jeno, Kathy McCann, Susan Nelson, John Sirignano, Bruce Smith, Roger Thomas,


Recorder:  Bev Hopman


The meeting was called to order by Sue Jeno at 3:07 p.m. in room 1917, Medical Science North. 


Minutes: Judy DeMers moved the minutes from November 19, 2002, be approved.  Charlie Bridgeford seconded.  Motion carried.


Class Credit for Student-athletes:  Jared Bruggeman reported that he is continuing to work with the PEXS Office on awarding class credit for student-athletes, but is waiting for the PEXS Department to schedule a staff meeting to discuss the proposal.  He and Bruce Deardon have been working together to establish an appropriate teaching schedule for the Athletic Department staff.


Roger Thomas said Athletics has been working with the Registrar’s Office to implement early registration for student-athletes.  Due to the changing make-up of the student body, with more non-traditional students, more classes are being scheduled for the 3-6 p.m. time slot, which has traditionally been set aside for team practices.  No definite number has been set, but Jared Bruggeman indicated approximately 50 slots may be open for student-athletes to register early.  Maria Bruggeman said that this opportunity may help some student-athletes, but that a problem arises when a class or lab is offered at only one time during the semester.  Sue Jeno suggested student-athletes design their schedules well in advance to allow time for the high demand courses.  Susan Nelson said that for classes with only one option, the Athletic Department could contact the department chair to request seats be set aside for student-athletes.  At this point, Jared Bruggeman said it has not been determined how the early registration time will be allotted to the students, but student-athletes who are academically struggling will be considered.


Website Update:  John Sirignano handed out information on the IAC homepage.  The site has information on the IAC structure and membership as well as minutes from past meetings.  The website is located at:


Compliance:  Jared Bruggeman reported on the Myron Allen situation.  Allen tried out for the Fargo pro team prior to enrolling in junior college.  He played a few minutes in an exhibition game and did not receive compensation other than expenses.  A family friend helped arrange the trip and traveled with Allen to Fargo.  When UND became aware of these facts, the Athletic Department self reported the violation to the NCAA.  Roger Thomas, with assistance from Jared Bruggeman, did most of the investigation.  The NCAA decided not to re-instate Allen and Phil Harmeson prepared an appeal.  The appeal process will continue with a teleconference on Friday, January 24.  The position that UND will be taking is that violations occurred, but that the penalty imposed was too severe.  The appeal committee consists of 1 faculty athletic representative, 1 athletic director, 2 assistant athletic directors and 1 compliance officer.  The decision of that committee is final and can not be appealed.  Phil Harmeson pointed out that UND was not sanctioned.  If the appeal is denied, President Kupchella will be offering Myron Allen a tuition waiver to enable him to complete his education.  


Finance:  John Sirignano reported that the attendance for the January 4 men’s hockey game was 11,697 with $30,000 in walk up ticket sales, the highest walk up total to date.  The January 18th men’s basketball game against NDSU set a NCC single game attendance record of 8,891 (2,000 + students).  Walk up sales for that game were $33,000. 


The question was raised as to what effect the death of Ralph Engelstad would have on the Athletic Department and on the transition of Ralph Engelstad Arena to the University.  John Sirignano replied that it would have little to no effect at this time.  He indicated that the gifting of Engelstad Arena was still scheduled for some time in the future, but no date was set. 


Phil Harmeson asked what method was used to track military attendance at women’s hockey.  Roger Thomas said that “clickers” were used at the old Engelstad Arena and he thought they might be using them to count both the military and students at women’s hockey games.  Judy DeMers asked what the revenue totals were for the women’s hockey program.  John Sirignano replied the ticket revenue is about $18,000.


Athletic Department Update:  Roger Thomas reported that the teams are doing very well and the UND has the potential to host playoffs in men’s hockey as well as men’s and women’s basketball.  UND will also be hosting the women’s WCHA Final Five and the NCAA Division II National Swimming and Diving Championships.  All of these events will take place in March.  Volunteers will be needed, especially for the swim meet.  To prepare for the national meet, facilities has updated the pool area with fresh paint and new starting blocks. 


Jared Bruggeman reported that the GPA for fall semester was at 2.99.  However, that number is being recalculated to ensure there are no errors and to account for Incompletes that have been changed to a letter grade.


Roger Thomas said the department is preparing for some personnel changes.  Kathy McCann has announced that she will be retiring.  No date has been set.  Rob Bollinger will become the Development Officer for Athletics within the Alumni Foundation.  A new director of the Fighting Sioux Club will be hired and become an Athletic Department employee.


Spring Semester Meeting Dates:  After some discussion the following meeting dates were set for spring:  February 18, March 25, April 15 and May 20 (tentative).  Meetings will be held at 3:00 p.m. in the Medical School, Room 1917. 


Approval of Fall Letterwinners:  Committee members had been e-mailed a list of the fall sport letterwinners as proposed by the various head coaches.  Judy DeMers moved to approve the list as submitted by the coaches.  Susan Nelson seconded.  Motion carried.  The approved letterwinners are listed at the end of these minutes.



New Business: 


Women’s Hockey:  Phil Harmeson commented on the success of the women’s hockey program.  He said the team is ranked higher nationally then several teams that have had women’s hockey programs for years. 


Post Graduate Scholarships:  Phil Harmeson reported that three student- athletes are being considered for post graduate scholarships.  They are Dustin Thornburg, Kelby Klosterman and Kate Cahill.


Basketball/Volleyball Schedule Proposal:  Phil Harmeson said President Kupchella will propose a change in the basketball and volleyball schedules at the NCC Presidents’ Council spring meeting.  President Kupchella will request that games be moved to Saturday and Sunday to limit the number of class hours missed by student-athletes.  Bruce Smith asked whom on the UND campus the President discussed this proposal with.  Susan Nelson said some teams leave for a week at a time, such as golf and baseball.  She suggested the scheduling in those sports should be considered as well.  Sue Jeno recommended the committee make a recommendation to the President after they’ve had time to consider the proposal.  Phil Harmeson will provide more information to the IAC members prior to the next meeting.


Legislative Proposal:   Roger Thomas reported that a bill was proposed in the ND Legislature to prohibit colleges from using state money to support Division I athletics.  This bill was proposed to ensure that NDSU did not use state funding for their move to DI, however, as worded, it could impact UND’s hockey programs.  Judy DeMers indicated the language in the bill would be reworked to clarify the author’s intentions.


Sue Jeno said that an update on facilities would be part of the next meeting agenda.


The meeting adjourned at 4:25 p.m.




The following student-athletes have been recommended by their coaches to be awarded letters for participating in the following sports for the fall of 2002.


Men’s Golf – Rob Stiles, Head Coach

Bugliosi, Jeffrey             Capes, Jason                                    Ganje, Barrett

Jacobson, Matt                 Kragero, Terry                                   Messmer, Kyle

Mullally, Nate                          Nelson, Casey                                   Sorvaag, Scott


Volleyball – Maria Bruggeman, Head Coach

Birk, Laura                             Effhauser, Jill                                    Glassmann, Kristi

Hanson, Heather                      Heltemes, Monica              Palbicki, Janel

Skadeland, Jamie             Sorteberg, Liza                     Tuve, Emily

Welter, Holly                           Winters, Jennifer                  Wirtanen, Kari

Cahill, Kate


Men’s Cross Country - Mike Grandall, Head Coach

Bremer, Jordan                        Campbell, Alex                     Davidson, Erik

DeKrey, Lee                          Felton, Cameron                    Fiala, Nathan

Goheen, Ryan                           Hanke, Steve                                    Kriegler, Paul

Kriegler, Peter                           Lorentz, Brent                                   Staskivige, Stephen


Soccer – Matt Granstrand, Head Coach

Best, Meghan                                    Bielejeski, April                     Colago, Marie

Dockstader, Gale                Glasoe, Lisa                                    Knutson, Lindsey

Lapp, Christine                     May-Fraser, Tessa             Mularoni, Johanna

Niezwaag, Kelsie             Parry, Dana                           Pfieffer, Stephanie

Rodman, Stephanie                  Salberg, Ashley                    Scotland, Jonetta

Wolsky, Maren             Woolridge, Lacey                 Wright, Cody


Women’s Cross Country – Dick Clay, Head Coach

Beeson, Brittany                       Britz, Stacy                          Caron, Amanda

Egeberg, Kari                             Frick, Renee                         Lichter, Jessie

Murch, Kristin                         Murphy, JoAan                     Orsua-Busse, Carolyn

Rewerts, Alissa             Sackett, Rachel                    Sackett, Veronica

Sailer, Sara                           Schill, Jessica


Women’s Golf – Steve Christian, Head Coach

Belyea, Tara                          Benson,Brooke                    Benson, Laura

Johnson, Lindsay                       Kaler, Elizabeth                    McMillen, Stephanie

Raaen, Janelle                                    Snyder, Stefanie


Football – Dale Lennon, Head Coach

Ahlers, Jesse                         Alkins, Jamel                          Anderson, Digger (Reid)

Beatty, Chris                          Bentow, Bret                                    Blue, Casey

Bowenkamp, John                Brandsted, Joshua              Brennan, Ross

Charles, Demetrius                  Christofferson, Josh                Copple, Josh

Football (continued)

Dahlen, Tyler                          Dixon, Ben                             Dokken, Brian

Franklin, Jamaal                       Gagner, Dan                          Glas, Jeff

Grant, Ryan                            Halverson, Eric                     Hermes, Anthony

Irvin, Tom                                Johnson, Caleb                   Klosterman, Kelby

Kuper, Chris                          Mahmoud, Riza                    Maier, Brook

Manke, Ryan                          Marquis, Ethan                      Momerak, Jeff

Murphy, Ben                           Newhouse, Troy                    Nordick, Jacob

Olson, Ben                             Peterson, Jason                   Roland, Adam

Schneider, Mac                 Schwenzfeier, Aaron                        Smith, Barrett J.

Smith, Jesse                          Smith, Lee                             Stattelman, Willis

Stratton, Adam              Thornburg, Dustin                  Vanderpan, Matt

Wilhelmi, Brian               Wistoff, David