January 23, 2007


ATTENDING:  Charlie Bridgeford, Ron Brinkert, Tom Bunning, Richard Clay, Judy DeMers, Ray Diez, Lisa Hedelson, Amanda Kaler, Cindy Flom-Meland, Susan Jeno, Donna Pearson, Betty Ralston, Mike Schepp, Lowell Schweigert, Bruce Smith


Recorder:  Bev Hopman


Ray Diez called the meeting to order in the Presidents Room of the Memorial Union.    


Minutes:  Charlie Bridgeford moved the minutes from the December 12, 2006, meeting be approved.  Judy DeMers seconded.  Motion carried.


NCAA Meeting Report:  Sue Jeno, Faculty Athletic Representative, attended the NCAA January meetings held in Orlando, FL.  An area of emphasis for the NCAA this year will be integrating athletics and academics.  It is hoped that this will help the academic side to more readily accept and support athletic programs on campuses.  Two areas that have changed from last year will be verifying the amateur status of student-athletes and making certain all NCAA Clearing House paperwork is done before official campus visits.


Status of Women’s Hockey:  Tom Buning reported that no action has been taken to hire an interim assistant coach to increase the women’s hockey coaching staff.  Dennis Miller will continue to serve as interim head coach and Kami Cote will be the lone assistant coach until a new head coach is hired.  The search for a replacement will be timed to coincide with the end of the Women’s Frozen Four Tournament, March 16-18, to give coaches involved in playoffs an opportunity to apply.  It is hoped that a decision can be made by the first of April so the new coach can participate in the recruiting period that ends April 22.  In the meantime, Coach Miller and Coach Cote will receive financial compensation for their additional work load.  Charlie Bridgeford asked if UND was searching for a female coach.  Tom Buning said UND was looking for the best available candidate, male or female.  Judy DeMers asked how many scholarships are available for women’s hockey.  Tom Buning said there are 15 scholarships available this year.  Next year, UND will have 18 scholarships, the maximum number allowed.  Judy DeMers asked if UND was fully supporting the women’s hockey program.  Tom Buning replied that scholarships are the number one means of support and the maximum number of scholarships would be fully funded in 2007-08.  Future budget planning is being done to enable Athletics to hire the caliber of coach needed to meet the challenge of developing a winning program.  He feels women’s hockey is the UND sport with the most growth potential.  An aggressive marketing campaign and better scheduling with REA will help move the program forward.




Department Updates:  

Athletic Director Tom Buning:

  • Division I:  Carr and Associates begin their second on campus visit Wednesday, January 24.  They are scheduled to meet with the Division I Commission on Wednesday evening.  One on one meetings with administrators and coaches are scheduled for Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  The consultants are on track to have a written proposal ready by March 1.
  • Vision One:  A draft of “Vision One” UND Athletics move to Division I was distributed to the committee members.  The draft will be reviewed by the Division I Commission and forwarded to President Kupchella for final approval.  The statement outlines UND Athletics intention to stay successful on the playing field and in the classroom.  A copy is attached to the minutes.
  • Alerus Contract:  Athletics is negotiating a new contract with the Alerus Center.  Areas to be considered are additional practice time and contingencies for the future move to DI. 
  • REA Agreement:  The Athletic Department continues to work with REA to address all issues related to the usage agreement, including scheduling and ticketing.  The goal is to have a signed document by July.
  • New website:  The new Athletic website supported by XoS will be launched at the end of January.  Added features will be the ability for ticket resales and the ability to web-mail Fighting Sioux Club members and season ticket holders.
  • Ticket renewals:  Meetings are being held on a weekly basis through mid-March regarding season ticket renewals.  The renewal deadline will be in May to allow time for a marketing campaign to sell non-renewed tickets.  Season ticket holders will have til the end of August to complete payment arrangements.  Judy DeMers asked if the faculty discount will be available.  Tom Buning said it would be offered again this year.  Ray Diez asked if the Fighting Sioux Club will mount a campaign to increase membership and/or encourage members to move to a higher level of giving.  Tom Buning said rather than just be invoiced, FSC members will be able to indicate they would like to be contacted about upgrading their account.  He also said that all seating in the lower level of REA will require giving at a Captains Level ($660) or higher.  Currently some lower level seating is available to Varsity ($330) members.
  • Tom Buning said the NCAA convention gave him an opportunity to meet with people from other conferences and representatives from independent schools.  Some of the independents have formed scheduling alliances and even instituted post season championships.


Compliance and Convention Updates  Betty Ralston:

  • Betty Ralston handed out a fall semester academic report.  Highlights of the fall semester were a composite student-athlete GPA of 3.066, with 16 of 18 teams having GPA’s over 2.9.  A copy of the report is attached to the minutes.
  • A scholar athlete recognition program will be held Feb. 26 from 3-4:30 p.m. in the multi purpose gym at the Hyslop Sports Center.  169 student-athletes will be recognized for having a 3.0 or better during the 2006 academic year.  There will be team and individual awards as well as 5 Presidential Awards to seniors graduating with a 3.75 or higher.
  • Risk management and planning for catastrophic events were discussed in depth at the NCAA convention.  UND needs to have plans in place for when/if things happen.  Ray Diez said the Technology Department offers courses in risk management.  Bruce Smith said the airport has plans in place for catastrophic events that could be shared with Athletics.
  • As of July 1, 2007, the NCAA will have new legislation in place which will affect recruiting for DI programs.



Budget Report Tom Buning:

  • Athletics is entering the second half of FY07 and the budget appears to be on track.  Ticket revenues are higher than expected, but could suffer if men’s hockey does not host the first round of WCHA playoffs.
  • Unexpected costs have occurred including a $25,000 increase in insurance and the additional expenses to pay interim coaches and recruit a new coach for women’s hockey.
  • Some teams that have completed their seasons are at or near the end of their funding.  Their spending is being closely monitored.
  • Next year’s budget will include realistic planning for DII expenses plus funding for necessary steps in the DI transition. 


New Business


Missed Classes:  Concern has been expressed over the amount of classes that student-athletes miss when they travel.  Athletics received an e-mail concerning the recent men’s hockey competition at Bemidji.  The team left Grand Forks at 11:00 a.m. on Thursday, arrived in Bemidji at 2:00 p.m. Thursday afternoon and did not play until 7:30 p.m. on Friday.  As a result, they missed most of Thursday’s classes and all of Friday’s classes.  Sue Jeno and Betty Ralston proposed using a Missed Class Time Report that would be given to all coaches.  The form would be used to report departure and return dates and times for all of next year’s scheduled competitions.  The forms would be turned into the compliance office for approval.  Ray Diez questioned whether this was in accord with the UND attendance policy.  Betty Ralston replied that excessive absences can prejudice instructors against student-athletes.  This is seen as a way to address that issue and monitor missed class time.  Amanda Kaler felt it was a good idea.  As a student-athlete, she said she appreciates the importance of attending class and would not expect to leave Thursday morning for a Friday night competition.   Judy DeMers moved Athletics adopt the use of the Missed Class Time Report and evaluate its use after one year.  Bruce Smith seconded.  Motion carried.


DI Subcommittee:  Betty Ralston said she and Sue Jeno would like to form a sub-committee to look at NCAA/UND academic policies relating to the move to DI.  Faculty volunteers are needed to serve on the committee.  Donna Pearson asked where UND currently stands in regard to NCAA requirements.  Betty Ralston said transfer students will be most affected.  Transfer students will need to meet minimum GPA requirements after one term.  Ray Diez and Ron Brinkert both expressed concern regarding the difficulty transfer students may have showing progress toward a degree.  Ron Brinkert stressed that transfer student-athletes need to meet with an advisor in their major ASAP to make certain they are taking the proper courses and on track for graduation.  Any IAC members interested in serving on the DI Subcommittee should contact Sue Jeno.


Football Letterwinners:  Bev Hopman submitted a list of recommended letterwinners for football.  Lowell Schweigert moved the list of letterwinners as recommended by Coach Dale Lennon be approved.  Ron Brinkert seconded.  Motion carried.  A list of the letterwinners is attached.


The meeting adjourned at 6:00 p.m.  The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, Feb. 20, at 4:30 p.m.






Athletics Mission


To contribute to the achievement of the University of North Dakota mission by providing student-athletes the opportunity to compete at their highest level of ability on an array of competitive intercollegiate athletic teams that emphasize “winning championships”, academic success and graduation, personal development and growth in character, ethical conduct and sportsmanship.




“Vision One”

UND Athletics move to Division I


Move UND Athletics securely to NCAA Division I, Football Championship Subdivision as a 20 sport, Title IX compliant program that equally celebrates the student-athlete for academic excellence as well as winning programs with competitive funding, and first-class practice and competition facilities.  



Supporting Background:  The University’s move to Division I includes keeping all 20 sports and adheres in both letter and spirit to its existing Athletics and University missions.  A mandate from the President’s Division I Commission to “do it right” is a primary guiding principle during this transition period.


UND Athletics is a co-curricular activity on campus and an integral part of the higher education experience.  It enjoys overwhelming support and has a very significant positive economic impact on the community and provides a valued form of entertainment for fans of all ages.  This storied athletic program which dates back to the 1890’s, includes charter membership in the North Central Conference and a great tradition of success both in academics and athletics. 


·                    Division II Director’s Cup:  UND ranks third in all-time total point scoring.

·                    Men’s hockey:  Seven national titles and four appearances in the NCAA Championship’s “Frozen Four” in the last seven years. 

·                    2005-2006 NCC Commissioners Cup winner; 14 of 20 teams participating in NCAA post season play. 

·                    Academics:  Student-athletes record higher GPAs and graduate at a rate higher than the student body average.  Fall 2006 marked the 17th time in 18 consecutive semesters that the student-athletes combined for a GPA higher than a 3.0. 


These traditions must be upheld and reflected in all goals set to drive a successful transition to Division I.  As a Division I program, UND athletics will build on its rich sports history.  


Success will be measured by our ability to field athletic teams that: 


  • Make-up the premiere intercollegiate athletic program in North Dakota
  • Expect to win every time they enter a competition.
  • Enjoy winning seasons.
  • Vie to be conference champions every year.
  • Win the Conference Commissioner’s All Sport Trophy.
  • Regularly participate or have participants in NCAA post season play.
  • Play & practice in facilities that are considered one of the best in the conference.


And where our athletic program:


  • Is known as a regional power that vies for a National Championship each year in both men’s and women’s sports.
  • Scores in the top half of all D-I schools in the national all-sport Director’s Cup standings.
  • Employs and retains coaches who are winners and positive role models.
  • Enjoys student–athlete graduation rates higher than the student body.
  • Enjoys student–athlete GPA’s that are higher than the student body.
  • Expects to have All-Americans in several Men’s & Women’s sports. 
  • Expects to have Academic All-Americans in several Men’s & Women’s sports.


And where the Athletics Department budget:


  • Supports a continued broad based program.
  • Allows all sports to operate at a high standard as benchmarked against their conference and aspirational peers. 
  • Strives to offer the maximum number of total allowable DI scholarships.
  • Supports continued advances in Title IX (gender equity) progress.
  • Is not dependent for its financial survival on its record of wins and losses.
  • Enjoys core funding from the University and student fees that is in equitable balance with external sources.



UND Athletic Team GPA’s                        Fall 2006      



Women’s Cross Country                              3.573

Men’s Cross Country                                    3.556

Women’s Track                                             3.486 

Women’s Golf                                                3.443                         

Volleyball                                                        3.395                                                             

Women’s Basketball                                    3.256             

Women’s Hockey                                          3.253                         

Soccer                                                            3.222

Tennis                                                 3.216

Men’s Golf                                                      3.200

Softball                                                           3.156

Men’s Track                                                   3.143                                                                         

Women’s Swimming/Diving                        2.992                                                             

Men’s Hockey                                                2.989                                     

Football                                                          2.984

Baseball                                                         2.916 

Men’s Basketball                                          2.469

Men’s Swimming/Diving                              2.428


            Fall 2006                              


Student-Athletes above 3.00                               283/463 (61%)


Student-Athletes with a 4.00                               59       


Student-Athletes with 3.50-3.99                          94


Student-Athletes with 3.00-3.49                          130


Overall Student-Athlete Average GPA              3.066


Women Student-Athletes above 3.00               134/185 (72%)


Men Student-Athletes above 3.00                      149/278 (54%)


Team GPA’s above 3.00                                       12/18 (67%) 


Average Men’s Team GPA                                   2.961


Average Women’s Team GPA                             3.299                         



January 18, 2007


The following student-athletes have been recommended as varsity letterwinners for football by head coach Dale Lennon.


Football – Dale Lennon, Head Coach

Alexander, Donovan Babington-Johnson, Zachariah       Bauer, Brett

Beatty, Chris                          Belmore, Chris                                  Bodoh, Matt

Braegelmann, Mitch              Brennan, Steve                                  Bronson, John

Cadwell, Alex             Caufield, Jake                                   Chappell, Ryan

Christensen, Trent                 DeSautel, Tom                                  Dombrovski, Noah

Dressler, Weston                  Enger, Jared                                      Freund, Danny

Greenwood, Michael            Groeschl, Lee                                    Grover, Blair

Halfmann, Brent                     Hellevang, Brandon                          Hoffelt, Andy

Hoffschneider, Jason            Holinka, Brett                         Kusler, Will

Loegering, Thomas              Malner, Derek                                    Manke, Reed

Manke, Rory                          Meek, Robbie                                    Miller, Andy

Moe, Erik                               Morrow, Tyler                         Murray, Taylor

Muscha, Justin                       Ott, Troy                                              Otto, Drake

Richter, Jeff                            Schmitz, Sam                                    Sorbo, Andrew

Stroup, Bobby                       Strouth, Brandon                               Tatom, Martin

Tescher, Jeff                          Trenbeath, Brady                              Troen, Brian

Ullsperger, Dan                     Wayne, Nathan                                  Weigelt, Tyler

White, Andy                           Wolff, Adam