January 25, 2005


ATTENDING:  Charlie Bridgeford, Jared Bruggeman, Ray Diez, Sue Jeno, Ray Lefebvre, Patti Mahar, Cindy Flom-Meland, Susan Nelson, Mark Rudolph, Roger Thomas


Recorder:  Bev Hopman


Susan Nelson called the meeting to order at 3:35 p.m. in the Memorial Room of the Memorial Union. 


Minutes:  A quorum was not available at the Dec. 14 meeting, so the Oct. 19, 2004, minutes were submitted for approval at this meeting.  Charlie Bridgeford moved the minutes be approved.  Sue Jeno seconded.  Motion carried.  The minutes from the Dec. 14, 2004, meeting were unavailable.  They will be reviewed at the next IAC meeting,


Roger Thomas:  Roger Thomas has announced his resignation from UND to accept the job as Commissioner of the NCC.  His last day will be Feb. 18.  Susan Nelson thanked him for everything he has done for the University of North Dakota and for UND Athletics.


Strategic Plan:  The Athletic Department identified six issues to address in the Strategic Plan.  With the exception of the DI/DII issue, Roger Thomas said the strategic planning was nearly complete.  However the entire process was slowed down by the discussions over DI vs. DII.  President Kupchella has requested the Athletic Department submit two plans, one for staying at the DII level, a different proposal for moving to DI.  The limited amount of appropriated money Athletics receives puts UND in a different position than the model schools that UND studied.   Besides higher levels of state funding, some of the model schools also received more money from student fees (UC Davis – $100/student) and tuition waivers from the President’s Office. 


Department reports 

  1. Compliance:  Jared Bruggeman said there has been one infraction since the last compliance report.  Sue Nelson asked if the violation that was reported as marketing/volleyball was from the coaches, marketing or an outside entity.  Jared Bruggeman said responsibility was shared “across the board.”  He said sometimes violations are just a result of an error in judgment.  Sue Jeno asked if the DUI received by a student-athlete is a violation.  Jared Bruggeman responded that it is not an NCAA violation, but that UND will need to deal with it. 
  2. Fighting Sioux Club:  Mark Rudolph reported that the FSC tax receipts will be mailed out on Jan. 31.
  3. Department Update:  Roger Thomas said the sports programs are doing well.  Both men’s and women’s basketball are at the top of the conference, swimming is in the national rankings and hockey is in the home stretch.  The 100 Years of Basketball was very successful.  The signing date for football is Feb. 2. 


Old Business:


Budget:  Ray Diez asked if a budget report was available.  Roger Thomas said there was not a report at this time but that a budget meeting was scheduled for this week.  Alice Brekke had cancelled several previous budget meetings.  He indicated that Athletics was doing okay on the budget, but with the conversion to PeopleSoft, no usable reports were accessible.  The reports will be available soon.


Class Scheduling Conflicts:  Sue Jeno asked if there were still problems with class/practice conflicts.  Roger Thomas said the availability of early registration helped.  Jared Bruggeman said a record number of student-athletes took part in the early registration program.  Sue Jeno suggested maintaining a tickle file to red flag courses and majors that were causing problems.  Susan Nelson said if a problem course was caught early enough, it could possibly be moved.  Sue Jeno recommended that class scheduling be placed on the agenda next December so it can be reviewed again.  Patti Mahar suggested a reminder be sent to departments, to keep them aware of the problems for student-athletes.  Ray Diez said the best people to notify would be the department chairs and the administrative assistants. 


New Business:


Athletic Director Search Committee:  Susan Nelson asked how the search committee members were chosen.  Roger Thomas said the committee was made up of community representatives including Sioux Boosters, Letterwinners and representatives from various areas of campus.  The Presidents Office will appoint the members and Phil Harmeson will chair the committee. 


Assistant AD Finance/SWA:  The Presidents Office has put filling the assistant athletic director position on hold until a new AD is hired.


REA General Manager:  Charlie Bridgeford asked if there was any information available on the REA job vacancy.  Roger Thomas said the new AD and the REA GM will need to work very closely together.  Athletics does not have a representative on the REA search committee but Bog Gallager, VP Finance, will be involved in the hiring.  Charlie Bridgeford asked whether REA will be looking for an athletic or business background.  Roger Thomas said they were looking for someone who has facility management experience. 


Fall Letterwinners:  Bev Hopman sent out a list of student-athletes recommended as letterwinners by the coaches from men’s and women’s cross country, men’s and women’s golf, soccer and volleyball.  Sue Jeno moved to award letters to the student-athletes as recommended by their coaches.  Ray Diez seconded.  Motion carried.   (The list of letterwinners is attached.)


Cindy Flom-Meland moved the meeting adjourn.  Charlie Bridgeford seconded.  Motion carried.  The next meeting will be Feb. 15 at 3:30 p.m.  


Letterwinners – Fall 2004



Men’s Cross Country – Mike Grandall, Head Coach

Davidson, Erik                       DeKrey, Lee                          Downs, Kyle

Felton, Cameron                   Fiala, Nathan                         Goheen, Ryan

Kriegler, Paul             Mahoney, Patrick                  Nordlund, Nathan

Spritsberg, Richie


Women’s Cross Country – Dick Clay, Head Coach

Aune, Renee                          Beeson, Brittany                    Hofland, Leslie

Hugstad-Vaa, Courtney        Keithley, Kristy                       Landberg, Margaret

Lentner, Shannon                  Lichter, Jessie                       Murch, Kristin

Sackett, Rachel                     Sackett, Veronica                 Sailer, Sara


Volleyball – Maria Bruggeman, Head Coach

Cahill, Aileen                         Delahanty, Nicole                  Evans, Heidi

Gegelman, Lyndsy                Holmen, Tara             Hughes, Stefanie

Jones, Kendyll                       Pokorney, Anne                     Skadeland, Jamie

Van Der Most, Christina       Wilson, Brittany                     Wirtanen, Kari


Soccer – Tim Benett, Head Coach

Barr, Jenna                            Bjerke, Jessica                     Colago, Marie

Compton, Eve                       Cunningham, Alison              Glasoe, Lisa

Lapp, Christine                      Leake, Jenny                         Lentz, Laura

Lightfoot, Kayla                     Lund, Cassandra                  May-Fraser, Tessa

Mularoni, Johanna                 Murphy, Shannon                  Mutrie, Meghan

Niezwaag, Kelsie                  Pappas, Stacy                       Pfieffer, Stephanie

Rodman, Stephanie              Rohwer, Ashley                     Woolridge, Lacey

Wright, Cody


Men’s Golf – Rob Stiles, Head Coach

Cross, Justin                          Maliske, Seth             Peterson, Daniel

Peterson, Jonathon               Sorvaag, Scott                      Wages III, Duane

Zander, Adam


Women’s Golf – Dan Tannahill, Head Coach

Belyea, Tara                          Kaler, Elizabeth                     Lucken, Sarah

Ruppert, Natalie                    Witthauerr, Lindsey               Wood, Kendra

Gagnon LaPlante, Alexia