February 15, 2005


ATTENDING:Charlie Bridgeford, Ron Brinkert, Jared Bruggeman, Ray Diez, Phil Harmeson, Sue Jeno, Paul Kriegler, Ray Lefebvre, Patti Mahar, Cindy Flom-Meland, Susan Nelson, Mark Rudolph, Lowell Schweigert, Bruce Smith, Roger Thomas


Recorder:Bev Hopman


Susan Nelson called the meeting to order at 3:35 p.m. in the Memorial Room of the Memorial Union.


Minutes:Spelling corrections were made to both the December 14 and January 25 minutes.Ray Diez moved the minutes from the December 14, 2004, meeting be approved as corrected.Lowell Schweigert seconded.Motion carried.Ray Diez moved the minutes from the January 25, 2005, meeting be approved as corrected.Bruce Smith seconded.Motion carried.


Football Letterwinners:Dale Lennon had submitted a list of 2004 letterwinners for football.Sue Jeno moved the list of letterwinners be approved as submitted by the head coach.Ray Diez seconded.Motion carried.


Athletic Director Search:Susan Nelson reported she had volunteered to serve on the search committee as a representative of the IAC.The Presidentís Office told her that Phil Harmeson will be serving on the search committee as the IAC and faculty representative.Jared Bruggeman expressed concern that there are two athletic coaches and no athletic administrative staff on the search committee.He stated that it would have been inappropriate for there to be two athletic administrators on the committee and no coaches and pointed out that the administrators work directly with the AD everyday.Susan Nelson and Ray Diez both expressed concerns that the faculty was underrepresented.Susan Nelson asked if there were other groups on campus that had expressed concerns.Phil Harmeson said one group, the minority council, had contacted the Presidentís Office.Patti Mahar asked how many were on the search committee.There are nine members.Lowell Schweigert said the business community in Grand Forks had expressed concerns to him that they were not represented.Ray Diez said the AD position is one of the most visible on campus.Bruce Smith said a larger committee would be an advantage to the candidates.He indicated it would give the incoming athletic director a broader base of support when he/she steps into the job.Sue Jeno said there is a perception of exclusion and people may avoid the open forums, feeling their opinion has no value. ††Phil Harmeson said the last AD search committee consisted of 20 plus people and was too large.†† He said ads have been placed with the NCAA and several national publications.Besides the ads, some potential candidates are being contacted directly.A list was distributed identifying the twenty applicants that have been submitted to Human Resources to date.HR will screen all applicants for the minimum qualifications and forward the names to the search committee.The applicant screening form was handed out and Phil Harmeson said all applications are available for review in the HR Office.††


Roger Thomas said the job of Athletic Director at UND is a challenge.The job has changed dramatically since he was hired six years ago.UND has some unique issues such as Division I, the logo, facilities and developing womenís hockey.Finances will be an even bigger issue in the future.UNDís Athletic Department is almost self supporting. Income is derived from endowed money, student fees, licensing, ticket sales and FSC.Athletics has also received some tuition waivers in the past.It is important that the new AD find new revenue streams to keep UND Athletics on top.


Budget:Roger Thomas had a budget sheet for the IAC to review.He indicated copies would be made available to IAC members upon request.Sue Jeno asked if there were particular areas where revenue fell short.Roger Thomas replied that ticket sales for basketball and menís hockey were less than expected.Susan Nelson asked if ticket sales were the ďmake or breakĒ budget item for athletics.Phil Harmeson replied that it is very complex.Roger Thomas said a better contract was negotiated with the Alerus and new contracts being developed with REA and the Alumni Association will benefit Athletics.


Department Reports


††††† a. Department Update:Roger Thomas said the womenís basketball team and the swim teams are both very high in the rankings.With only twelve conference games, there is †††† very little margin for error in basketball, but there is a chance UND could host NCC playoff games.


††††††††††† Jared Bruggeman said UND will be hosting the Menís Division II Elite Eight ††††††††††† Basketball Tournament in March.This is an exciting event and will be good for the †††† city of Grand Forks.In conjunction with the Elite Eight there will be a free basketball ††††††††††† clinic offered to children K-6 grade on Friday, March 25.


††††††††††† The 40 Years of Womenís Athletics celebration went very well.Roger Thomas said it †††† was great to see female athletes from the pioneer teams meet and mingle with recent †††††††† alums.Jared Bruggeman said Maria Bruggeman had indicated it was the best event †††††† she has attended and that everyone had a great time.


b.†† Compliance:Jared Bruggeman said there was nothing new to report.


c.†† Fighting Sioux Club:Mark Rudolph indicated nothing new to report on the FSC.


Old Business:


Class Credit for S/A:Jared Bruggeman asked if any progress had been made on issuing class credit for participation in varsity athletics.Ron Brinkert said one of the concerns expressed by PEXS was whether student-athletes would be double dipping, getting credit for athletic participation and also getting credit for 101 PEXS classes.He indicated that S/U grading would be recommended.Jared Bruggeman said he would be willing to help in any way with this issue.



New Business:


Provisional Admission:Phil Harmeson reported that provisional admission has been approved for specific groups of students that have a support system in place on campus such as student-athletes and Native American students.Students who do not meet standard admission requirements can be admitted under this system.They will need to take certain required classes and will not be allowed to register for more than 15 credits.Roger Thomas stated that this may not eliminate the problem for recruiting student-athletes since their application will still need to go before a committee.Jared Bruggeman said it was his understanding that Athletics could make the decision in lieu of the admission committee.It is not clear if that is correct.Mark Rudolph asked if a rejection letter went out to the prospective student-athlete if they did not meet admission requirements.Yes, a letter does go out.Sue Jeno suggested a list of prospective student-athletes be provided to Admissions and that the IAC request a letter not be sent unless the admission committee denies the application.Charlie Bridgeford asked how often the admission committee would be meeting.The plan is for them to meet once a week.Roger Thomas said the Athletic Department would be not use the provisional admission for anyone that was below the NCAA admission requirements.Sue Jeno will continue to monitor the situation.


The meeting was adjourned.The next meeting will be March 22, 2005, at 3:30 p.m., at the Memorial Union.