February 16, 2010


ATTENDING:   Cory Absey, Charlie Bridgeford, Judy DeMers, Brian Faison, Sherryl Houdek, Gail Ingwalson, Daniella Irle, Jon Jackson, Brad Rundquist, Lowell Schweigert, Paul Todhunter


Recorder:  Bev Hopman


Susan Nelson was unable to attend the February meeting.  Paul Todhunter served as acting chair.  The meeting was called to order at 4:34 p.m. in the Memorial Room of the Student Union. 



Old Business


Student Athlete Code of Conduct, Brian Faison

The Athletics Department has received a response from Julie Evans, Legal Counsel, regarding the Student Athlete Code of Conduct.  The recommendations will be addressed by Athletics and a draft copy of the document with the changes will be sent out via e-mail prior to the next IAC meeting.  Jon Jackson asked if there were major mark ups or mark downs.  Brian Faison responded that the changes were primarily addressable issues and the document just needs to be tweaked.



New Business


Excused Absence Policy, Brian Faison

Student athletes, as well as members of other student organizations, occasionally miss class to participate in University sponsored activities.  UND currently leaves class attendance policies up to the discretion of the individual instructor.  Brian Faison distributed a handout compiled by Daniella Irle with excused absence policies from Minnesota State University Moorhead, Marshall University and Texas A & M.  He asked the committee what the procedure would be to have an excused absence policy considered by UND.  Judy DeMers said this issue has previously been discussed by the Academic Policy Committee.  She will bring it to the committee to consider again and report back to the IAC.  Daniella Irle said that some student-athletes must change their academic schedule if they want to travel with the team.  Charlie Bridgeford said that this can affect graduation dates if student athletes need to delay taking pre-requisites.  Brian Faison stated that Athletics was bringing this to IAC since it is a very critical issue for student athletes.  He requested the IAC to work out a proposal and advise Athletics on the best method to move forward.




Departmental Updates


Internal Operations, Daniella Irle

Compliance Update

Daniella Irle passed out a compliance update.  She pointed out that the most recent actions taken by the compliance office included sending out a gambling reminder regarding the Super Bowl and March Madness, a compliance newsletter, a letter to parents on extra benefits and booster status, and work on developing a booster/parent video.


Athletics Academic Study Center

A hand out was distributed with highlights of the ASC activities.  The spring semester absence letters went out January 7.  The book voucher program went very smoothly this semester. Spring progress reports went to coaches on February 11 and must be turned in by March 5. 


Athletics Department, Brian Faison

Vacant Positions

Athletics currently has two open assistant coach positions.  Mike Moffitt, women’s volleyball, submitted his resignation.  Women’s hockey hired Courtney Drennen as a temporary employee when Grant Kimball left last year.  A full search for a new assistant is now underway.  It is hoped that both positions will be filled by the end of March.



A budget update was distributed.  As reported at previous meetings, lower than budgeted ticket sales, a shortfall in fundraising and higher than budgeted game guarantees have impacted the overall budget.



The State Board of Higher Education will meet on Thursday.  Athletics will be prepared to respond to any action the Board takes. 



Andrea LaFrance has worked with SAAC and other organizations on campus to develop a “Fighting For Haiti” fundraiser.  The students have done all of the organizing on their own.


The  basketball games with NJIT are being rescheduled.


Lowell Schweigert moved to adjourn.  Gail Ingwalson seconded.  Motion carried.  The meeting adjourned at 5:30 p.m.